December 2005

Here I am, sitting at my desk. It's 5:39am, January 8, 2006. I've been awake since 4:00am. I've feed Austin a bottle - he went back to sleep but I couldn't - so I've done my work, and edited pictures for this page.   As I think what to type here...I've spent a lot of time reminiscing about past years recently. Why?  I guess there are many reasons - getting older is one - but I've also spent some time scanning and posting old pictures from a photo album - that will get you reminiscing. And for some weird reason the closing of Astroworld has made me somewhat nostalgic. 

Anyway, as I post pictures from Dec 2005, I think back on the year and ...phew - it was a rough one.  Austin's health problems really dominated our existence for the first few months of 2005. His colic, combined with reflux, made for some miserable times. But don't get me wrong - when he wasn't hurting, Austin was a joy to be with. Such a happy baby!  But it was hard to enjoy that when you knew another colic fit - or projectile vomiting incident was right around the corner.  Combine all that with two heart defects (ASD and VSD), and ...well... it's been tough.  I must say, Jacqui deserves SO MUCH credit for taking care of the kids. I'm terrible - I wouldn't take the kids to the Doctor unless they were dying.  Jacqui will go at the first sign of a cough or sniffle. I joke with her about this, but she always catches the ear or sinus infection before it gets serious - so I know she's right.

2005 was also the year of the hurricane. Katrina ravaged New Orleans and all along the gulf coast.  ...watching it all unfold on live TV was amazing. Then, Rita came SO CLOSE to Houston - the evacuation became the world's biggest traffic jam.  Yet, despite all the turmoil, there were so many GREAT events too.  Austin's first year - despite being rough - is such a blessing. He really is the happiest kid - and now that he's getting over his health problems - walking, eating real food and just getting so much personality - it's such a joy.  Another blessing of 2005 is our first full year in our new house.  We've really been loving it - fixing it up and just enjoying all that our neighborhood has to offer.

OK, enough rambling from me - here are some miscellaneous pictures from December 2005.

Yes, I'm 41.  At what point I'll start acting like a 41 year old has yet to be determined.











Austin LOVES to play in the cabinets.




I usually have a separate page for Christmas pictures - but I just didn't take as many pictures this year.  Jacqui wasn't able to attend the big family Christmas party - so I was watching the kids instead of taking pictures.  Here are the few I did mange to get.




Look at all those kids!!





Pops does the 'Treasure Hunt'













Here are the official Stacy Black pictures: (ok, these weren't taken in December...either Oct or Nov I think)




And here are a few more pictures that were not taken in December - but too cute not to post. These were taken at Trey's B-day party.




Take care everyone!


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