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Last Saturday night, September 16, I had the great pleasure of watching 'A Perfect Circle' close their headlining US tour.   It was a GREAT concert - and my first time at the Aerial Theatre.     

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What can I say?  ...the band rocked - and Maynard was AWESOME!  I originally had floor tickets, but since I had my pregnant wife in tow, traded them for some front row seats in the balcony.  I also managed to sneak in a camera - but as you can see - I'm no professional photographer.   I also doesn't help being so far away...and in the dark - but hey - I did the best I could.

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The show started with a couple hot babes playing strip poker.  Just as they were about to take it all off - the lights go off and you hear a child's voice "I'd sell my soul for one taste of you...." - and then the band starts to rip into Magdelana.  Next was The Hollow,   followed by Sleeping Beauty, Orestes and then Brena. 

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Thomas was one of the most powerful songs of the night - with Maynard stomping his feet in time with the music.  The Rose - while not my favorite song on the album - sounded pretty damn good live.  Then, one of my favorite songs - Thinking of you.  The Aerial Theatre went wild when Maynard finally ripped off those hip hugger pants...and seemed to really enjoy himself during that song. 

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I also saw APC when they opened up for NIN - and without a doubt they were more polished - and seemed to be having more fun this time.  After Thinking of You they played 3 Libras, then Renholder.  At one point Maynard asked the people in the front for a favor - to stop taking flash pictures (how dumb - like a flash would help anyway at that distance).  He also mention that this was their last show of this tour.  I felt really special to be able to be at this show.  

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I got a good laugh when Maynard said "...and tonight is also special because we have a winner from the Make a Wish foundation - Danny Lohner."    He dedicated the 'Ozzy's Cure' song to Danny - and even changed the lyrics to "diary, of Danny Lohner...".

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Next, they played Over, and finished the concert with (of course) Judith.  The crowd really went wild for the last song - and I was pumped too.  I know it was a VERY good concert because even my wife, who is not a big APC or TOOL fan really enjoyed the show.  I just wish it would have been longer.  I can never get enough of hearing Maynard - his voice sends chills down my spine and gives me goose bumps. 


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Thank you APC for making Houston your last stop!!  

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A friend emailed me these pics.   Rather than trash 'em - I decided to post 'em here - enjoy!

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