Skiing on Lake Travis
and other fun Austin Activities

Thursday the 17th of August, 2000 I left Houston sometime around 1:00pm.  Destination - Austin, Texas.  For me, Austin is a second home.  And I was going to visit a couple of my best friends - which made it even more fun.

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I made Jeff get out and take this picture - I'm such a typical tourist

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Waaaay up in the trees - the fabled Oasis Cantina.

In most every one of these pictures,the scale is mis-leading.  In the pic above, the Oasis looks like nothing more than a big tent on the top of a hill.  But actually - the Oasis is HUGE!  It seats 1,500 people - here's a pic I ripped from another site showing the view from one of the decks looking down.
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We are on the Lake!   Lambo co-pilots while Jay enjoys a beer.

Aus07.jpg (40343 bytes)
First skier of the day - Jay shows us how it's done.

Now, before you check out the pics below - let me do some explaining.  Austin has been getting very little rain lately.   The water level at Lake Travis is about 50 feet below normal.  The funny thing is - unless you look really close you'd never notice from these pictures.  So, on a couple - like the one below - I've marked them up so you can see what I'm talking about.

Aus08.jpg (52186 bytes)
OK - the red line is the normal water level.
In that circle just below is another ski boat, enjoying some shade from the dam.


Aus09.jpg (63690 bytes)
It was a beautiful day!    Jay looks confident....


Aus10.jpg (62147 bytes)
Ooohhh - a little too confident.


Aus11.jpg (39645 bytes)
That's me!    Peace.


Aus12.jpg (70711 bytes)
A great pic of me skiing below the Oasis (thanks Lambo)


Aus13.jpg (42230 bytes)
Photographer of the year!


Aus14.jpg (82255 bytes)
HE'S DOWN!!!   (I think that was Pat)



Aus16.jpg (57019 bytes)
Do I look tired?    I was.



Aus22.jpg (110116 bytes)
Here's another picture where you can see how low the water was.
Look behind Jay - Can you see the other boat and skier?

In the picture above, if you didn't have the other boat and skier to get perspective - it almost looks like we were skiing close to shore - and that band of rocks was maybe 10 feet high - BUT NO!  That band of rocks is like 50 feet high - and we were far out enough so that we were skiing in water that was 160 feet deep.


Aus23.jpg (36514 bytes)
The sun goes down - but the partying didn't stop.


Aus24.jpg (86073 bytes)
The next day, what better way to re-coup than some Tex-Mex at Serranos.
Many thanks to Jay and Jeff - and a big 'HOWDY' to Pat and Sherrie!
I can't wait to party with y'all again!



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