Farewell Camden puppy
1994 - 2001

Camden_05.jpg (46825 bytes)
Our first day together - Camden puppy was so scared.


Camden_04.jpg (29964 bytes)
Here she's about 10 weeks old - so tiny


Camden_06.jpg (40323 bytes)
She grew so fast - was SO energetic...

Camden_07.jpg (32526 bytes)
...yet seemed lonely - so we got Cohen from the SPCA.


Camden_08.jpg (43544 bytes)
For the most part, they loved each other,
and we all enjoyed many happy times together.


Camden_10.jpg (55898 bytes)
Camden and I went through a lot toghether...
...and all she wanted, was to love me.


Camden_01.jpg (27496 bytes)
Jacqui says goodbye...



Camden_02.jpg (36384 bytes)
She was a happy puppy right up to the end.


Camden_03.jpg (34000 bytes)
In loving memory of Camden puppy.


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