Crested Butte
March 2002

Certain things bring joy to your life. It's different for everyone - not everyone likes the same things. For me - it's skiing. I love to ski, and I've been fortunate enough to have enjoyed many, many ski trips. I started going when I was eleven (1975) and haven't missed but one or two seasons. This year - it was Crested Butte, Colorado.

This year was special for two reasons. For one, it was Lauren's first time in the snow....actually, there were lot's of firsts for her on this trip. But the real reason this trip was so special - is because my dad has been talking about this year for the past....uh...ten years it seems. See - my dad turned 70 this year - and you get to ski for free once you hit 70. So he's been planning a 'birthday' ski trip to celebrate. I have to say, I hope I'm skiing down a slop on my 70th birthday too!

....he sure doesn't act like he's 70.


The entire Berryman clan welcomes you to Crested Butte
(You have no idea the trouble we went through to get everyone in this picture)

Lauren wasn't old enough to play in the snow.... we stuck her in a sled - WEEEEEE!!

Crested Butte has some of the most beautiful scenery - like skiing in heaven. 


Lauren and her cousin Trey.
Won't be long before they're on the slopes too!


Eating out is easier when you have Grandparents along.
(Thanks Mom!)


We had some good conversation on the lift rides....
(Just nod your head and say 'Yes Dear')

It was so cold - there's ice on my face.

My mom and brother look lost...
' Where are we going?'

Jacqui says "Follow me!"

There were so few people there - it was like we had the mountain to ourselves.


Where are my shades?
The sun is SO BRIGHT!


Trey really enjoyed the sled.

Lauren's in the snow - and she's not screaming. Quick - take a picture!


There goes 'Pops'

This is a great picture....too bad I can't take credit for taking it.


OK - I just about fell and busted my butt - can we go inside now?

Look at me - I'm skiing like a pro!

Skiing, and posing for the camera at the same time.....




Don't pout - turning 70 ain't THAT bad.


Mom looks happy, but Ilonka is fighting back a grimace from just being smacked
in the back by a snowboarder. I didn't see it happen - but from the description, she took quite a blow.


Everyone's happy on the mountain.... is happy...


...and Brad is VERY happy.

We enjoyed the time on the slopes when we could....

...because someone always had to stay back and watch the kids.
Somehow, I managed to ski a lot.



Another attempt at the sled....
but Lauren just didn't like going fast.


Hey dad!!
Does my brother look cold?



...he's warming up now.



The ride to the top of the mountain is breathtaking.



Ready for another run?


The sun sets on another wonderful trip to Crested Butte....


...and Pops escorts the grandkids back home through the airport.

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