...the obligitory family pictures....

Here's a shot of me and the family....

              X-mas99-.bmp (1584054 bytes)

                                   ........yea, that's me, Dad, Bro, Wife, Mom and Sis'n'law.


I know this is not the proper time of year for this...but I just don't have that many cool pics to post.  (Hint - if anyone of you are thinking of giving me gifts....I could use a scanner...and a CDRW)

                      VampiresDrunk.jpg (56766 bytes)

Halloween 1998.  That's me in the middle - with Kyle "I will NOT smile - I'm a serious vampire" and Horny Randy.  I love Halloween - such a party.  This picture was taken in a bar on 6th Street - Austin, Tx.  Do we look intoxicated to you? 


The Honey and the Ride....

                          300z_Jacqui.BMP (1864854 bytes)


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