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0011GOR_03.jpg (83100 bytes)
 The 8 on 8 Rocket arena Tournament - best 5 of 9. 
Our team lost this match.
I know, if you're here looking at these you probably know how to read 'em.
But humor me makes me happy.
Hey lull - what happened in that game?
And subbie - only 2 - my goodness!


0011GOR_05.jpg (111838 bytes)
Second round of the 8on8 - still in action!
We lost this one too...  You can see Niptlar - running into his death 
Essobie and Toxy's team ruled everyone.


0011GOR_07.jpg (75541 bytes)
The 3rd and final round of the tournament.  A battle for last place.
Everyone but soybomb just tanked - we were beaten...done.

0011GOR_08.jpg (89521 bytes)
The BIG 25on25 (ok...16on16)
Here's where you can really see the good players shine.
In the mayhem...they still survive...and end up with scores like Magic and NeOlOgic
...and Toxy - What else can you say about Toxy ...he is the devil....


0011GOR_10.jpg (86670 bytes)
More of the big Castle map
You can't see it clearly - but Toxy has 39!


0011GOR_10.jpg (86670 bytes)
This was the big FFA - "Intermediate" division....HA!
Essobie, B.L.U.E., NiTZZ...yeah - intermediate my @ss.  
WTG subbie!


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