I know it's been well over a week since the tax day Gib-O-Rama - but hey - gotta post these screenshots anyway.  I didn't take many - and if you want to see some demo's you should go to SuperTech's Quake site.  ...well here's the first one - a tradition I try to live up to each Gib-O-Rama.   :-)

0400GOR01.jpg (80323 bytes)
Awww YEAH BABY!!!!!!

That really was the first screenshot I took during the day.  It was at 11:53am on 4/15/00.  I'm going to post the time that each screenshot was taken - I think it helps with the 'documentation' so to speak.

0400GOR02.jpg (81870 bytes)
Some Insta-gib warmup - exactly high noon.


0400GOR03.jpg (69545 bytes)
Even more Insta-gib warmup - 1:00pm


0400GOR04.jpg (74351 bytes)
Yeah I know.  I'm only posting my good games.  Biased reporting at it's best - 1:09pm


I started to get tired of the insta-gib....well actually I think I started to loose really badly as Ezmate, BLUE, Die TAMU (Hook 'em!) and Bantha joined in - but anyway - I joined in for some Quake3 Fortress!  If you haven't played this mod - you should.  It's sill in Beta - so it's not as polished as it will be - but it's FUN!    

0400GOR05.jpg (55075 bytes)
Essobie and Toxy proudly denounce any clan affiliation - 1:24pm


0400GOR06.jpg (87479 bytes)
This really was a GREAT game!  Thanks Guys! - 1:44pm


0400GOR07.jpg (138331 bytes)
This shot deserves another Awwww YEAH BABY!! - 2:04pm


The first Official Tournament of the day was the team tournament - 4on4 Rocket Arena 'style'.  No - this was not the REAL Q3 Rocket Arena - but a cheap hack mod that has the same type of gameplay.   (I've got to say that or Essobie will come and be-head me).  There were 16 teams (yes, that 's 64 people) and it was double elimination.  I was on a team with Ezmate, Bargle and Moltar.   I'll cut to the chase and tell ya right now - our team did not win - or even come close.  As always happens, one or two players will have some difficulty getting into the game.  This time around it happened to our team.  So we played (and lost) the first match with only 3 of our players.  We actually won a couple rounds (it's best 5 of 9) if I remember correctly - but couldn't pull off the upset.  I don't have any screenshots from that match.  Here's some shots from our second match.


0400GOR08.jpg (66643 bytes)
Mid game - we're in the lead - 3:51pm


0400GOR09.jpg (64835 bytes)
One more round and we win!  3:57pm


0400GOR10.jpg (54894 bytes)
Way to go team!!    3:59pm

Our team lost the next match - and that was it - we were out of the team tourney.  That's A-OK actually - because it allowed me to take a longer break at Casa Ole!!  Mucho Buenos!!   I enjoyed some Tex Mex and beers with SuperTech, subbie, Zodraz and God-like - was very nice.  Wish some more of y'all could have joined us - but maybe next time.    We returned for the big 30 on 30 game - but I could never get in.  ...seems we've got problems with that in Q3.    :-(   

Then the 1 on 1 tournament.  What can I say....I knew I really should not have been playing in the novice division - but who am I to argue with Die TAMU's sophisticated stats program.   lull took 1st - and I took 2nd.   We had fun in the finals.  I'd lost to him earlier so I had to win twice to take 1st place.   In the first round we decided to play with gauntlet only - something about that just makes me laugh....seemed to be a big hit with the spectators too....hehehe.  well, I did manage to win the 1st round but lull took the 2nd - and there ya have it.  ....after all that we awarded the medals to all the tournament winners then gave away all those cool prizes.  We had about $1,000 worth of door prizes - not too shabby!!   

Look forward to seeing everyone at the May 20th event!



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