June 2000 Gib-O-Rama

I know it's been over a week since the June Gib-O-Rama - but hey - gotta post these pictures anyway.  One thing will be different about this update as compared to my other GOR updates - no screenshots.  ...awww - I doubt anyone will complain. 

GOR0600_11.jpg (49058 bytes)
Setting up the late arrivals.
Sure is bright - someone kill the lights!


GOR0600_11a.jpg (50135 bytes)
Ahhh - much better - except for that CAMERA FLASH!

GOR0600_03.jpg (49491 bytes)
This shows you what can happen if you don't get enough sleep the night before.


GOR0600_04.jpg (44688 bytes)
The Hooters Girls are here!
(and they brought food too)


GOR0600_05.jpg (52748 bytes)
Will the Gib-O-Rama ever be the same?


GOR0600_12.jpg (184011 bytes)
            ^ugly^               ^pretty^       ^really ugly^    ^really pretty^
Annon and BigRob make me laugh.


GOR0600_13.jpg (58030 bytes)
SuperTech and Ram get in on the action.

Yes!  We invited the Hooter's Girls to the Gib-O-Rama!  Well, actually - we paid for the them to come - but let's not get too technical.  It was nice to have some scenery besides all the geeky guys - plus the Hot Wings were mighty tasty!  Annon and BigRob organized the 'catering'.  Myself and a few other also chipped in.  I think there were about 10 or so people when all was said and done that knew ahead of time they were coming.  For everyone else - including Greenlee - it was a complete surprise. 

At first I think everyone was in shock.  They'd look up from their computer - and just mumble something like 'Ohhhh miGaaaaaa'.  But eventually we all relaxed and laughed it up.  The girls were really nice, and honestly seemed interested in what we were doing.  So - being the gentlemen we are - we dumped one of them in an on-going game and watched her get slaughtered.   Hehehehe....

GOR0600_16.jpg (60288 bytes)
If I didn't know better, I'd think she was kicking some booty!


GOR0600_07.jpg (50272 bytes)
She seemed to draw quite a crowd.


GOR0600_15.jpg (60307 bytes)
...I wonder why?


GOR0600_14.jpg (65982 bytes)
Nice...ummmm....screenshot there.


She was having fun - but couldn't stay alive long enough to pick up a weapon.
  So - we decided it was time for DEATHMATCH OF THE HOOTERS GIRLS!!!
Yes indeed - Head to Head - One on One Hooters Girls!

GOR0600_22.jpg (52524 bytes)
She seems to be getting the hang of it.


GOR0600_21.jpg (68371 bytes)
Yep - nice playing style.  She's a natural.

GOR0600_24.jpg (57803 bytes)


GOR0600_20.jpg (79616 bytes)
Hmmm - looks like someone may have been CHEATING!
I guess we will just have to have a re-match.


GOR0600_17.jpg (75480 bytes)
A few more pics before the girls leave - this one with Team CounterSober.


GOR0600_18.jpg (48837 bytes)
They would not pose with Essobie - can you blame them.   ;-)


GOR0600_19.jpg (56166 bytes)
...and if they only knew....


GOR0600_25.jpg (62605 bytes)
SuperTech's cool new see-thru neon case.


GOR0600_26.jpg (85165 bytes)
How can we get any gaming done with Hooters Girls hanging around?


GOR0600_27.jpg (90474 bytes)
The Door Prize winners.  Man, what an unruly bunch of guys.

GOR0600_23.jpg (45418 bytes)
...wanted to leave you with happy thoughts.     :-)

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