Memorial Day...and other misc stuff around that time

I pulled a few random pics from the digi-cam.  Speaking of which - I'm not sure if I've mentioned it here, but I got a new digital camera.  Well, actually I should say that my wife got a new digital camera for her birthday.  No, seriously - that' what she wanted.  I know, lucky me!  
She wanted something small, but would still take good pictures.  I did some research and decided on the Pentax Optio S. As of today (see date above) it's the smallest 3.2MegaPixle available.  So small - it will fit into an Altoids can.

Tiny, yet the pictures are awesome.  And it does all that other fancy stuff, like record audio clips with pictures, 30 second videos, macro/wideangle (with stiching software)...and a hundred other things I'll probably never use.


Lauren loves the jumping Castle!

Mom, Lauren and Mr. Potato Head all enjoy an AppleBee's lunch.

Mikki.......and Andy. Mikki.......and Andy. Mikki.......and Andy.


Four Generations


Mmmmmm - makes me want Tex-Mex right now.


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