Jay & Sherrie's Wedding

One of my best friends got married recently.  I've known Jay since 2nd grade - and I'd go just about anywhere for his wedding.  The fact that it was in Austin (my favorite town) just made it all that much more fun.  Plus, Jacqui and I brought our 2 month old with us.  NO - not to the wedding - but to Austin.  Jacqui's mom came with us to baby sit (THANK YOU MARY!!!!!)  So in addition to being a great wedding/party - it was also little Lauren's first journey outside the Houston city limits.   Awwww... ok - anyway, back to the wedding - let's enjoy a "play by play" of the evening as captured by my trusty video-cam. 

J_wedding_01.jpg (31220 bytes)
Candles were lit to start the service
...in memory of Jay's brother...



J_wedding_03.JPG (33239 bytes)
The groom makes a grand entrance...


J_wedding_04.JPG (21659 bytes)
Jeff does a wonderful job escorting the bridesmaids...
(He's had a LOT of practice)


J_wedding_05.JPG (32277 bytes)
Jay smiles as Sherrie walks down the aisle


J_wedding_06.JPG (30910 bytes)
POOF - blinded


J_wedding_08.JPG (27026 bytes)
...exchanging vows...

J_wedding_10.JPG (35720 bytes)
...the ring ...

J_wedding_12.JPG (36287 bytes)
...lighting the Unity Candle...


J_wedding_13.JPG (40930 bytes)
...making a big flame...


J_wedding_15.JPG (40806 bytes)



J_wedding_16.JPG (41560 bytes)
Did I mention how beautiful Sherrie looked?

J_wedding_17.JPG (38343 bytes)



J_wedding_18.JPG (37871 bytes)
THAT - is a happy face    :-)



J_wedding_19.JPG (39542 bytes)
The ring bearers were so cute.

J_wedding_21.JPG (48874 bytes)
At the reception
A beautiful cake in front of a beautiful view.


J_wedding_20.JPG (34367 bytes)
My lovely wife......I'm still smitten
(Smit happens)


J_wedding_37.jpg (38955 bytes)
We're all smiles as the Austin sun begins to set



J_wedding_22.JPG (33511 bytes)
It's an OLD joke.....something about...


fish.jpg (32512 bytes)
...How Jay drinks like a fish.      :-)
(1995 - Jamaica)


J_wedding_23.JPG (37134 bytes)
Meanwhile, back at the wedding...
Tom, another long time friend, enjoys the party.


J_wedding_25.JPG (30855 bytes)
Gotcha!   Tom's son looks just like him.
I told you I'd plaster your picture on the internet

J_wedding_26.JPG (34368 bytes)
Sherrie enjoys some champagne while getting ready to cut the cake

J_wedding_27.JPG (30417 bytes)
He's all smiles

J_wedding_38.jpg (27711 bytes)
Cutting the cake.....very carefully


J_wedding_31.JPG (26102 bytes)
The crowd applauds Jay's cake cutting skills

J_wedding_39.jpg (33575 bytes)
A Toast - to the Bride and Groom!


J_wedding_32.JPG (29911 bytes)
Lloyd and I talk about all the good food - 'cause we're men.

J_wedding_33.JPG (34769 bytes)
Taking this video was so much work...I had to stop for a beer.



J_wedding_40.jpg (42326 bytes)
We really enjoyed the wedding and reception - thanks!!




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