We recently celebrated Lauren's second birthday.  We had a big party at our house, and rented one of those 'moon-walk' inflatable jumping...things.  Originally, it was just going to be the family, but Jacqui extended the invitation list as it began to look like me and Lauren would be the only kids in the moon-walker . . . . jumper . . . . thing.   



Pausing just long enough to catch her breath.

Who's next?
...and who's that big kid in the moon-walk?

Jumping is FUN!


Meanwhile, back in the house....


...it's time to open gifts!

OH BOY- A loud toy to annoy Daddy - YEAH!

I hope this is another loud toy....

Well, it's not loud - but I can smash things with it!

Time to blow out the candles.

Trey wanted to blow out the candles too.


Another good thing about birthday's - FOOD!





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