Lauren's pre-K  Graduation

She's growing up so fast...

I must say, I think it's a bit ridiculous to hold a graduation ceremony for pre-kindergarden.  But, I won't be a Scrooge about it - makes for a great picture taking opportunity. are the pics.


Me and my kids - I'm so proud of them.

OK kids - line up and sit down....DO IT!!!!


Lauren seems to be the only one paying attention.

It's cute - you really should see it as a movie


Here's your diploma from day care - I mean pre-K


Golf clap


Lauren knows these girls...Jacqui may know who they are too - but I have no idea.




Lauren with another friend.....yes - they had flowers too.    ...jeez.



That's my girl!





Top row: Ms. Jose, Teacher, Teacher
Bottom row: Friend, Friend, Friend, Friend, Friend, Friend, Lauren



I like this picture for a couple reasons. First, it's just so cute! Second, you can see Austin walking behind us.



Mimi and Lauren.



Ms. Jose is very nice - Lauren likes her.




OK - Last pic.....HEY - WHERE'S AUSTIN?!?!?!!


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