Lauren at 16 months

Lauren is growing up so fast, I can hardly keep up. I'm so proud of her - she's doing great. Her vocabulary is growing everyday - and she's beginning to put words together like "No WAY" and my favorite "Hi Daddy". It's been a couple months since I've posted any pictures of her - so here we go!

Lauren and Pops

Lauren's Great-Grandfather gives her a scare

Lauren also enjoys visiting with her Great-Grandma




We are hopeful that someday Lauren will learn to smile for the camera


Awwwww....there's a smile.



Lauren loves Micci - but she's not too sure about the 'Homey' doll.


Where's your belly button?


Why is Daddy always disturbing me when I'm trying to watch TV?


MMMMMMMmmmm - Lauren loves chocolate milk.


Lauren is dwarfed by her PaPa


OK - I had a couple other pictures I wanted to post. As amazing as it may seem - they're not of Lauren. These were taken at Uncle Kenn's Birthday Party. Uncle Kenn and I have recently been going to a lot of concerts together. We saw TOOL and Earshot this week....ok - I'm a little off-topic here. Back to the pictures!

Kenn gets a hug from Julie for his Birthday.



Gee, can you tell they're sisters?



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