Ford Mustang: New 2013 and crashed 2007

I really loved my 2007 Ford Mustang GT. It was a 300hp five speed - and the first brand new car I bought from a dealer. I had intended to keep it forever - or until it stopped working. Well, it met it's early end on my way to work one morning. I was at the intersection of the Fort Bend Tollway and Highway 90. There's a lot of merging and lane changing right there, and as I glanced back to make sure it was clear to change lanes - the lady in front of me decided to change lanes also - and can see below what happened. Thankfully, nobody was hurt.












State Farm took care of me, and I got a decent settlement. When I was looking for a new car, Jacqui encouraged me to get something 'respectable and sensible'. I looked at SUV's and crossovers, sedans, wagons and a few luxury cars I could afford. But I kept coming back to the Mustang. For the price, you just can't get better performance or power. So, after a lot of research, and deal making - I came home with a brand new 2013 Mustang GT.    OMG - it's awesome!! Ford made a TON of improvements since '07. It's got 5.0 liter, 420hp V8 with a six speed. It also has Sync - a Microsoft voice activated BlueTooth interface with your phone - and USB port. I really can't say enough about how great I think this car is....and it's SO MUCH FUN!!

The first few pictures below show the car with the stock wheels. I didn't really like 'em that much, and ended up ordering some custom wheels I had shipped over from California (see pics below).   ..She a beauty, eh?


These are the stock wheels - pics with new wheels are below.














And these are the new wheels I put on.

















LOVE my new car!!!!


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