River Party - 2009

This was our 3rd annual River Trip - wooooohooo!!   Jacqui and I were the first to arrive. I posted a TON of pictures on this page...so grab a cold one, relax and enjoy~!    

Time to relax by the river with a cold beverage....ahhhhh



...after that, we took the canoe out for a while - it was a beautiful day.




Hey - our friends finally showed up!!




Time to party!!




..Hey there...




Regina shows me her mean drunk face.




The sun sets....but our party goes on late.








...and SHOTS!!!



Let's take some pictures!



..and more SHOTS!!!




Mmmmore pics!!



Hey - Rob and Monica are here!!!










Feeling huggy....



..more drunk pics....



Hey - time for ANOTHER SHOT!!!




..and more drunk pics!!!



Funny ain't it....




OK, lets see if we can ...oh - I dunno - play ping pong?



...it was harder than it looks under the circumstances...





....I'm better at sitting on the couch with Rob and Monica.





...so that pretty much wiped us out for the day.



DAY 2 - Float the Comal














































Day 3 - Float the Guadalupe


The river looks great - but it was running so low that they weren't putting any tubers in our section.



So we had our own River party...



There ya go - you can't beat that!!!


Scott and Brian enjoy the shade.
...we did get the occasional rafters...



...we pretty much spent the day relaxing.......



...and floating....



..and jumping off the neighbor's rope swing.







A few brave tubers floated down...



..and stopped to party with us.






Daytime Shots!!!




It was another beautiful day..







We laughed....



We floated....


..and we took more shots~!~!



























We had one last party night....then had to pack up and leave the next morning.
I'm already looking forward to next year.


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