AC/DC Premium Pinball

Since I got back into the pinball hobby, I've dreamed of the day I would open a brand new in box machine. That day finally arrived on Friday, April 5, 2013. That's when I traded in my Avatar pinball machine towards a brand NIB AC/DC Premium. This thing is awesome - with color changing LED's and more stuff on the playfield than I can describe. ...but the best thing I can say about this pinball machine is that EVEN JACQUI had fun playing it. Now, that says a lot as she hardly ever plays even when I ask her - but that Friday night we stayed up late drinkin' and playin'. WooHoo!!

It's a big box!!








It's packed in there pretty good.



Just before putting on the legs.





Almost ready to play!











It's FUN!!!




I did have a couple problems - and honestly - this is to be expected with pinball machines. First, I had a pop bumper that needed it's switch adjusted. Then I had to retrieve and fix a couple LED bulbs that poped out. I also had to tighten up the ball on bell when it started to drag. There were a couple problems that warranted getting Stern involved. The first was the DMD needed replacing because a line was lit when it shouldn't be (see pic below), and the second was an LED insert that wasn't working. They were great at getting the parts to Joystix quickly where I picked them up over lunch (and also got to play Metallica pinball machine).



Funny thing about the LED - once I went to change it I noticed something interesting......can you see it?

Yep, one of the LED's had its wires connected wrong - the LED DRV is supposed to be the red wire, and blue/black is the ground. I swapped the wires and all is good.


My high score so far - yeah baby~!


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