The 2006 Santa pub Crawl was a huge success!  We visited several downtown bars, and really had a great time. I'm already looking forward to next year.


In the middle, Chris - our gracious host, and his wife Eve.
John is on the right, and by golly I think that's REALLY SANTA on the left.
HO! HO! HO!   Merry Christmas!



Jacqui and I are ready for a cold beverage.



The bar is filling up



Looks like TWO bad Santas




Hula Santa fell off the bus a couple years ago - let's hope he stays safe this year


Now that we're warmed up - it's off to the next bar!


A Christmas Tree talking with a Ninja Santa.  You don't see that every day.


I hope the train shows up soon - things are starting to get rowdy!







That was fun - let's take some more pictures!



Riding the light rail to the next bar



I felt a little sorry for the other folks on the train - we were kinda obnoxious. ...but in a fun way.



Next stop - Flying Saucer Pub
Jeffrey introduced me to his girlfriend, but of course, I'm bad - I can't remember her name.




Jeffrey is startled by Ninja Santa.



Paul and I decide to look mean.
   ...ewww - scary.  Obviously, Jacqui wasn't in on the joke.




Phil and his wife



If you look - you'll see Jacqui and I checking out the menu.



I see Wes.....and an Angle Santa...








OK - I think you get the idea. It's DRUNK SANTAS!  ...yes, lots and lots of drunk Santa's. Perhaps you're enjoying a cold beverage right now as you read this page? I recommend you do.   













(and the mystery of - when did Doug change into his Santa suit?)
























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