St. Frag-rick's day LAN Party

03/23/00 2:09pm
Here are the screenshots from the St.Frag-rick LAN party.  Sorry it took me so long to post them...just been busy lately.

One of the 'warm-up' maps.
  Notice the time - people are just coming into the game.


stfsc02.jpg (68963 bytes)
Now we begin to see who's going to kick ass all night (subbie).


stfsc03.jpg (39917 bytes)
SuperTech with a comfortable lead in 1st place.
Look at that!  SunKing in 2nd - not bad for a novice.
I guess subbie was too tired from the previous game to join this one   ;-)


stfsc04.jpg (77549 bytes)
A little CTF action.  On paper I'd have picked blue team to win.
Jalapeno, Neutone, lull and Angulimalamama make 'fer some fine teammates - good work guys!


stfsc06.jpg (43667 bytes)
Our team wins again!  (proof that it was no fluke).
BigRob must have been drinking too much 


stfsc07.jpg (35699 bytes)
And now for a little CounterStrike action.
These shots would be more interesting if you could see everyone's score.
I guess It's obvious I don't play CS much...


stfsc08.jpg (33159 bytes)
...but dang if Crackbaby and me didn't rule this map!
Of course, I did have a spotter to help me.


stfsc09.jpg (71383 bytes)
I came in a little late on this game... must have been right after the 'burger bake'.
lull kicks some CTF booty before being snatched away by his woman.


stfsc11.jpg (81719 bytes)
This was a real exciting  and close game.

Funny, that was the last screenshot I took that night.    ...even though I *KNOW* we played a bunch more games (like Domination).  Guess I just was a little too buzzed to hit 'F11'.

03/20/00 7:51am
Friday was St. Patrick's Day.   Saturday was St. FRAG-rick's day!!!  Here are the pics from the LAN party.  You won't see Ram in any of these pictures - because he took them all - thanks Ram!    Also, I've got a bunch of screenshots from the event - and I'm going to post those too - but it's Monday and I'm real late for work so that will have to wait. 

cb20.jpg (58832 bytes)
Me, lull, subbie and Angulimala watch as Jalapeno fixes all the problems, Annon just plays.


cb21.jpg (59636 bytes)
We break for burgers, and I try to kill everyone with salmonella.
But that's ok, BigRob will eat anything and Mark stays away from food altogether.


cb22.jpg (67617 bytes)
OOOO - nice shot Angulimala.  ..and a tasty looking beer you have there.


cb10.jpg (42917 bytes)
A nice assortment of beverages.  In keeping with the theme there's some Scotch Ale.


cb05.jpg (68478 bytes)
Crackbaby and BigRob enjoy a laugh...Jalapeno does not find it funny at all. 


cb06.jpg (56867 bytes)
subbie watches Neutone and SuperTech.  Gee Rob, I wonder who could be flipping the bird?


cb03.jpg (46917 bytes)
BigRob and Jalapeno duke it out


cb08.jpg (46451 bytes)
In the heat of battle.


cb09.jpg (83883 bytes)
Glad to see subbie's got his name on his box.   We wouldn't want to get them confused.


cb07.jpg (53116 bytes)
SuperTech and Neutone - how did y'all get in and out of that spot back there?


cb11.jpg (48573 bytes)
Look - back there in the dark - it's SunKing!


cb13.jpg (70143 bytes)
Don't fall in the fog!


cb14.jpg (33295 bytes)
Everyone has their own playing style.

You can only play SO many hours of computer games before you need some sort of break.  Angulimala (who we call "the Martha Stewart of gaming") thought that we should have a mascot - and an entertaining one at that.  Here he his in all his glory -  Saint Frag-rick himself!

stf17.jpg (60382 bytes)
That is NOT a pirate cause his belt buckle says "Die Llama! - Frag You!" and he has a St. Frag-rick hat


cb16.jpg (66606 bytes)
Angulimala lets loose on the mascot - KILL KILL KILL!!!


cb15.jpg (51011 bytes)
C'mon - you can do it!........       ...any day now.


cb17.jpg (63143 bytes)
NO! NO!  Don't hurt the other players!


cb18.jpg (51121 bytes)
I think he's out of control at this point.


cb02.jpg (48165 bytes)
I have a good wife to put up with all this craziness




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