The 5th official Texas Combat Crew LAN Party was held April 15th through the 17th in San Antonio, Texas.  This year, Poseidon hosted - and I think we've found a permanent home for our LAN Parties.  We had a BLAST!!     

Just like we did last year - Ram, BigRob and I rented a U-Haul for the drive.




BigRob makes sure the PC's are tucked away safely.


On our way to San Antonio!



I think we are HERE!



Ahhhh yes, nice and cold.



Boomer and BigRob sitting in a tree....



THE Hobbs and Boomer do some daytime gaming.




Somehow, BigRob always finds the spot closest to the fan.



TEX is getting warmed up.



GX and Fetus get into the game after making the drive from Dallas.



KidChronic, Cracker, Poseidon, BigRob and Boomer enjoy a quick beer-break between games.




It may not look like it - but really - I am enjoying this beer.



Yes, everyone should have another beer.



Boomer guards the keg.







It's not what it looks like - I promise.
Honestly, I really don't know what is going on in this pic.




Sgt.Sneak gets some stickers from our host,
while Cracker is probably checking in with the wife.



Our mascot for the party - Baby Hitler - gets his game on.



Hey guys - who's hungry?



Food? Who needs food - we just want to GAME!



Ahhh yes, Poseidon is in the kitchen.





When a problem comes along - You must whip it.
Before the cream sits out too long - You must whip it.
When something's going wrong - You must whip it.
Now whip it - Into shape - Shape it up - Get straight
Go forward - Move ahead - Try to detect it
It's not too late - To whip it
Whip it good



TEX, Cracker and SK (me!)



KidChronic proves he CAN drink and game.



Another THUMBS UP form Boss!!



The sun is setting, it's a Friday night, and we are in LAN PARTY MODE!



A nice happy F.U. from BigRob.


The l33t table, who's skills put the rest to shame.




DragonScales is kinda scary.

WooooHoooo - the boys from St. Louis are here!!
(Yes, they drove over 12 hours - THAT'S dedication!)



OK - everyone grab a drink - time for a toast!



C'mon Dragon - can't you wait just 5 minutes?!?!



LlamaMan was kind enough to send some Jack Daniels from Tennessee, along with a nice toast.



Pouring just a weeeeee bit of Jack for Dragon.








Drink - refill - repeat.



Catching a little fresh air outside.



...still drinking....



Elemental catches a smoke break



Brothers?  How'd you guess?



Hmmmm, where did SunKing go??



Found him - crashed in the U-Haul!!
Too much beer and Jack Daniels, and not enough sleep caught up to me.



The Missouri group finally gets into the game.

Wow - that all happened on the first night!!  As you can see, I was the first to crash at about 1:00am. The rest of the guys stayed up and drank/gamed until the wee hours.  Boss finally gave up trying to get any sleep, and left for a hotel (he had ReaLife stuff to do Saturday). I think Ram finally crashed around 5:00am.  The next day, Saturday, we had planned to do something productive like go play paint-ball or something.  But you know, I don't think anyone was really up for much exercise after a night of hard we decided to just chill and relax.



DragonScales watches the Rockets.



KC shows Cracker how it's done.



Ahhh yeah - more LAN ACTION!




Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat Capture the Flag - GET SOME!!




Boomer fires up some good ol' Quake3



Hey - why aren't you gaming - did your PC die?



Nope, just practicing your evil eye.



Nice wallpaper.






RogerWilco wins a hard-drive!



WOW - an extra cool flat panel 2nd monitor - I want one!



Awwwww, I didn't win - it's rigged!





..and now - a HUGE hard drive...



And the winner is - BigRob!  And we all know BigRob will fill that drive up in no time.



Another flat panel - and I still didn't win.



...but everyone is a winner at Poseidon's house - UPS for everyone!



Dragon - I think you have a drinking problem.    :-)



Rockets win!



Setting up for the group photo.


Top Row:  Boomer, BigRob, GX, Cracker, RogerWilco, Elemental, THE Hobbs, KidChronic, HappyDevilFish, SgtSneak, SunKing, Tex
Bottom Row:  Ram, Poseidon, Flipmode, Dragonscales, Fetus



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