WoooHooo - more LAN PARTY ACTION!  The 2nd Texas Combat Crew LAN Party (pictures from the 1st are here). KidChronic hosted this one, and we had a GREAT turnout. People drove in from Plano - Convict, Toker, Toker's wife (19) and Fetus - as well as San Antonio - Poseidon and Dragonscales.  An extra special thanks to those guys for making the drive.

Our Gracious Host - managing the festivities from 'Command Central'.



Toker's wife is on standby in case anyone needs another beer.
( OK, not really.)



Convict is ready for some action!

Basrahs Edge - CTF style!

Our mascot for the party.



It wouldn't be a LAN party without lots of drinks...



...lots and lots of drinks.


Are you interested in seeing a short AVI of the LAN action? There's really not much action - just us guys sitting in front of our PC's. If you're curious, here it is.  If you watch - it's obvious how early it is because (1) it's so sunny and (2) we're sober.


KC makes sure everyone is up and running.



BigRob always looks so serious when he's playing.


Ouch - Coalition got hammered!
(was convict even playing?)


I took this picture to show off the bad-ass equipment....
...so please try to ignore KC molesting the sheep.

Here's another random picture - and wouldn't you know it - KC is still feeling up that sheep!


As you can see, most of these pictures were taken early. I always forget to take more once I start getting into the game ...and the drinking.

Time for a TEQUILA SHOT!!



Ahhhh - Thank you sir, may I have another?




Finally, the sun goes down and the BBQ pit comes out.



Dragonscales does a Happy Dance!


Mrs. KC supervises the Fajita Grillin' - Yummmmmmm!



Flashin' the TCC



Convict may not be black - but he is a Menace - that's for sure!



Another pic of Mr. Serious



"Hey - don't take my picture while I'm eating!"



Look at all that Yummy Food!



Hey Cracker - where are you going with that rum?



Fetus, KidChronic, K-Otic, Cracker, BigRob, Toker
Poseidon, SunKing, Dragonscales, Convict



Toker says "Make me another drink!"



Toward the end of the night, we opened up the server for those folks that couldn't join us.
You can tell who they are from the ping (greater than 1).
I had a GREAT time at the LAN party - can't wait to do another!

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