June 23rd through the 25th was the 2006 Texas Combat Crew LAN Party - YEAH BABY!!  It was a full house! I want to thank everyone who helped to make it such a success. Special thanks to Doc for the awesome video and case mod; to Wideout for letting me borrow his tables and chairs; to Boss for getting the beer hookup; to KC for his help with the server; and finally thanks to those who made the effort to come in from out of town. We had 5 come in from SanAntonio, Llama flew in from Memphis (isn't that a song?) and Cop, Flipmode and HappyDevilFish all drove for hours to be there.


We forgot to get a group photo this year - this is the best I've got.
Top row: Doc, KC, Dude, THE Hobbs
Middle: Red Barron, Ram, Boomer
Bottom: LlamaMan, SluttyBigRob, Gator and Blue(Gx)
Not pictured: Poseidon (sitting next to Gx) and Flipmode (sitting next to Gator)



We had 13 people in the big room. In the overflow area were: Ch33ky, CopKilla, Wideout, Corruptmetal and (not pictured) HappyDevilFish.

To keep things easy, I stayed in my office. ...next to my beer fridge.
It looks lonely, but the overflow room was right there.


Still setting up Friday afternoon - notice the trash bags taped over the windows,
and Lauren with that "what is going on" look.


Hmm, I wonder what Boomer is looking at - perhaps I should take Lauren outside.   ;-)



Looks like folks are getting settled in.



...a few last minute server tweaks and we should be good to go!




Llama looks confused...perhaps that's normal - I dunno.




Gator and SluttyBigRob laugh it up - Llama is still confused.



There ya go - 19 people with zero ping - YEAH BABY!!


Who want's a beer?




Notice Llama's shirt.   Sing with me - Llama, Llama, Llama, Llama, Llama, Llama, Llama.....




Llama stands next to Happy (who looks happy) and Cop - cheers!
...Gator tries not to get distracted.


OK - this next section is all about DRINKING.  You will do two things at a LAN party - play games, and drink. Of the two, I'm not sure which we did more.


Time to break out the Tequila



Welcome to the Crew Ch33ky!



Bottoms up!

Shall we have another?


...Oh, Hell yeah!!



We're so proud of our young boy, brings a tear to your eye.


Blue and Ram do a great job of cheering everyone on - and setting such a good example.

See!!   It just makes you want to crack open a cold one a join them.


Soon, Mr. Tequila found his way outside, where he hooked up with Doc and Red Barron.



...and I was sure to follow.


It wasn't long before everyone was outside drinking...

Is Flipmode falling asleep??    Someone get him a shot.



Ram will have another...and Rob watches as he's done probably a million times.


One of the funniest, and drunkest phone calls -EVER!





You knew with that much drinking, someone would get sick.
But the funny part is - before he does, Cop tries to tell us some milk will calm his stomach.
Let me tell you, white puke is nasty.



I admit - I took a walk behind the garage too.



Not even Mr. Tequila will stop these gamers!



I love the warm glow of monitors at night.   ...notice the empties.    :)




But DAMN that sun was a killer the next day.



You alive under there KC?




Looks like everyone made it back for day 2
(ok, some of these pics are out of sequence - but other than the color of our T-shirts nothing really changed)



Towards the bottom of this pic - notice Flipmode's fancy dual monitor setup



The hard-core gamers rarely take a break.




I will end with a couple screenshots from this buggy race mod we played.
It was a riot!




Of course, knowing us - we ended up killing each other more than racing.  Fun stuff!!


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