1st Annual Clan TEXAS Quake BBQ and Drunken Fragfest

Yep - finally getting around to posting some of these pics.   ...been just a wee bit busy 'round here lately - sorry for the delay.  The BBQ and Drunken Fragfest was AWESOME!  The Quake Compound was top notch - and the clan TEXAS guys are are fun to hang out with.

qbbq_01.jpg (35639 bytes)
Domino plays Quake in his sleep.


qbbq_02.jpg (35178 bytes)
Dang Chili - turn that brightness down man - you're blinding me!


qbbq_03.jpg (36343 bytes)
Lt. Calley displays nice posture, while everyone else is just a slouch.


qbbq_04.jpg (45807 bytes)
Quake Central


qbbq_05.jpg (37134 bytes)
Gonna frag the entire weekend?  Bring plenty of Bawls.


qbbq_07.jpg (47878 bytes)
Did I mention the Quake Compound had a pool?
(..and a pond - pond would be good for you.)


qbbq_08.jpg (44140 bytes)
Lt. Calley displays his finest Quesadilla technique.


qbbq_09.jpg (37978 bytes)
Another must for an all weekend party - custom T-shirts!


qbbq_10.jpg (35717 bytes)
Ingredients:  Meat, Beer, Salt, BBQ sauce, more beer, and a twist of lime.


qbbq_11.jpg (37832 bytes)
Guess who?


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