2nd song played that night - The Grudge. Remember, the audio and video I'm posting here is from a bootleg of the Houston show that I bought off the 'net. I got a VHS - which was probably a copy of another VHS, which was maybe a copy of the original. From there I've converted it to digital. My point is - TOOL sounded MUCH better in person. The audio clip on this page seems a little muted - certainly doesn't capture how great it sounded on the floor that night.

Trying to decide what part of this song to post was difficult. This song - for me at least - seems to build on itself. Trying to pick the 'best' minute is like ...trying to decide which vital organ your body needs most. If I was to post 'the scream' (people familiar with this song know what I mean) ...If I was to post that without everything leading up to it - well that would be an injustice. So....I picked something near the beginning. ...makes me want to hear the rest.     :)

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