TOOL visits Houston 2006-09-11

This was my 6th time to see TOOL.  Honestly, it was perhaps the worst of the bunch.  Maynard was sick, and his performance suffered as a result.  Things started out pretty good, but as the show went on he sang less and less - relying on the crowd to help him through.

The setlist:

1.  Stinkfist
2.  Jambi
3.  46&2
4.  Schism
5.  Rosetta Stoned
6.  Lateralus
7.  Vicarious
8.  Aenema
9.  Right in two

I managed to sneak my digital camera.  The first group of pictures here are those that I took myself.  We were in the uncovered reserve section - so we were pretty far from the stage.


My friends, you are looking at perhaps the most hard-core TOOL fan I know.
No, not slutty BigRob - his wife!  
You can't tell from this pic - because she looks so great - but Monica had just given birth less than 6 days ago...
...and she still made it to the show!!   ..amazing.



Lke I said, we were pretty far, so most of my pics are very blurry.



If you look closely, you can see Adam and Justin.

 least, I think that's Adam




Yep - that's Adam doing his solo during Jambi




This was the best picture I got ....I guess it's not bad for as far away as we were.


This next section of picures are a few that I snagged off the 'net. These were taken at the Houston show by some people who obviously had better seats than me.  Thanks for the pics guys!!















...and here's some video I just found....



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