Telluride, Colorado

I love to ski.  If I could, I would ski every day.  Start off the day by brushing my teeth and making a quick run down the slopes.  Yeah, that would rock!  Unfortunately, I don't think that's gonna, when the opportunity came up to go to Telluride for three days of skiing - I jumped at the chance.

Telluride25.JPG (53585 bytes)
Two of the best skiing partners you could ask for - my Dad and my friend Jay
...enjoying the lift ride.

Before you check out the rest of these pics - I should tell you they were all 'captured' with a video camera.  Every picture you see is actually a freeze frame from the video I the pictures are not as clear as you might expect from a 'real' camera.  


Telluride05.JPG (52844 bytes)
My Dad takes off down the slope, and Jay gets ready to go.

Telluride20.JPG (38482 bytes)
That's me! 


Telluride09.JPG (60195 bytes)
The views from Telluride were some of the best I've ever seen.


Telluride12.JPG (47800 bytes)
Jay and I always make the best of the long lift rides.  Wine anyone?


Telluride15.JPG (64319 bytes)
Going over the edge....literally.


Telluride24.JPG (34044 bytes)
Believe it or not, that's my (almost) 70 year old Dad zipping down a BLACK DIAMOND slope!

One thing I'd like to do (if I can find some time over the holidays) is to post some short movies.  The picture above doesn't really capture the same excitement as when it's viewed in full motion with sound.  So....check back later and I bet I'll have some movies here for ya.

Telluride28.JPG (37139 bytes)
Notice the snow blowing off the mountain ridges.
It was five degrees BELOW zero, windy - but the sun never stopped shining.



Telluride29.JPG (46230 bytes)
Dad struggles to get on his skies after a big lunch.



Telluride33.JPG (34385 bytes)
Go Jay GO!



Telluride22.JPG (39687 bytes)
My Dad notices that it's often much colder in the shade.

Telluride37.JPG (49674 bytes)



Telluride45.JPG (42870 bytes)
Get out of my way!!!


Telluride48.JPG (71581 bytes)
Going up again



Telluride55.JPG (37384 bytes)
My last day on the mountain....after a few too many long lift rides.



Telluride58.JPG (45248 bytes)
Wonder why Jay looks so happy?



Telluride47.JPG (24064 bytes)
C'ya at the bottom!

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