Christmas 2000

We spent Saturday morning over at my parents, exchanging gifts with the immediate family.  See if you can guess who is the center of attention.

Xmas2000_03.JPG (38633 bytes)
Little Trey makes everyone smile.



Xmas2000_04.JPG (43054 bytes)
There were movies of movies of people making movies.



Xmas2000_06.JPG (31389 bytes)
I think I see a little bit of Pops in Trey....or vise versa.



Xmas2000_07.JPG (40010 bytes)
Mom just throws up her hands...



Xmas2000_08.JPG (42948 bytes)
Little Trey knows how to enjoy the holidays.



Xmas2000_10.JPG (44067 bytes)
Jacqui gets some help opening gifts.



Xmas2000_11.JPG (40600 bytes)
There's no getting away from "The Moms"



Xmas2000_13.JPG (53235 bytes)
Trey entertains Ilonka and Jacqui



Xmas2000_14.JPG (40803 bytes)
Where are my gifts?



Xmas2000_16.JPG (45870 bytes)
Look, a video Camera!   Too bad the box is empty    ;-)



Xmas2000_19.JPG (40623 bytes)
Kids love boxes - especially big red ones.


Xmas2000_15.JPG (46715 bytes)
Mom gets ready to snap another pic.

That evening we went over to my cousins House (David and Julie) for the official "Berryman Christmas Party".   It's when all the extended family gets together and does the Christmas thing.   We've been doing it for as long as I can remember.  When you're a kid it's great because you get all kinds of cool toys.  You go through a phase during your teen years when it's not as fun...and spending time with family almost seems like a burden.  But, as you grow out of that and get even older (like me) start to really appreciate your family - and look forward to the times when you can get together.   I really enjoyed the Berryman Party this year, and watching the 'new kids' tear into their toys and run around like crazy was a lot of fun for me.

Xmas2000_20.JPG (42688 bytes)
The stars of the show.  From front to back:  Noah, Tanner and Trey.
Uncle Dave took a LOT of pictures.


Xmas2000_21.JPG (44697 bytes)
Julie and David's house was beautiful.
Thanks for hosting this year!



Xmas2000_22.JPG (45938 bytes)
John looks like a proud papa (he should).



Xmas2000_23.JPG (37072 bytes)
Hey Uncle Dave!



Xmas2000_24.JPG (45982 bytes)
Tanner looks on while Gretchen and Brian pig out.
In the background, Joe drinks a beer.



Xmas2000_25.JPG (38384 bytes)
Jacqui gets into the picture.



Xmas2000_28.JPG (41102 bytes)
Mary Louise, Brian, Julie, Gretchen and Richard are waiting to open gifts.



Xmas2000_30.JPG (39382 bytes)
Joe claims his prize - a beer tree!



Xmas2000_32.JPG (39656 bytes)
Shelly seems to enjoy her gift


Xmas2000_33.JPG (42272 bytes)
More fun than you can shake a stick at.


Jacqui's folks celebrated Christmas in Louisanna.  We had planned on being there this year (we alternate) but Jacqui's Doctor said she was grounded.  Julie zapped me some pics she took with her Palm Pilot cam.  Not bad!
mom&Bec.JPG (27460 bytes)
Mary and Beck, dressed up fine!


Jj&kk2.jpg (27570 bytes)
Julie and Ken looking fine too!


 pap&mama.JPG (33868 bytes)
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Rivault.   The finest!


Gs&mom.JPG (29483 bytes)
Papa, Mary and Gracie relax a bit.


mom&kk.JPG (39963 bytes)
Helping with the homwork.


And finally (this has to be the longest page I've done), here are a few pictures from Christmas day.
xmas2000@Bills01.jpg (36713 bytes)
I know I shouldn't drive and video tape at the same time.
Regardless, here's my Bro's house.

xmas2000@Bills02.JPG (20536 bytes)

xmas2000@Bills03.JPG (20629 bytes)



xmas2000@Bills06.JPG (16376 bytes)
Careful Mom, wine and stairs don't mix.


xmas2000@Bills08.JPG (17837 bytes)
This presentation brought to you by ME!

xmas2000@Bills13.JPG (14559 bytes)
Those kids....


xmas2000@Bills15.JPG (16942 bytes)
Jacqui is looking a little pregnant, yes?


xmas2000@Bills11.JPG (17867 bytes)
Ilonka's folks - Herman and Laney -got in on the fun


xmas2000@Bills09.JPG (14347 bytes)
Left cross - ouch!

xmas2000@Bills05.JPG (10183 bytes)
xmas2000@Bills04.JPG (11268 bytes)
Merry Christmas!





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