Thinking back, it was a picture perfect Christmas. Jacqui and I had just moved into our new house, James Austin was born on Dec. 5th, Lauren was old enough to be really excited, all our family was here - and to top it off - it was a white Christmas. Snow in Houston - go figure.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself here. Christmas started early for us - at the big family Christmas party on Dec. 10th.

Lauren gets into the holiday spirit.

Long ago, we used to have the big family Christmas at someone's house on Christmas eve. As the family grew, and spread out, it became harder to do that. Now, we usually have it a little early, and we've been using the neighborhood club. It's really great, because the kids have plenty of room to play and run around, and the adults have a place where they can relax.

Lauren gets in some Foose-ball action with Trey and Tanner.

...baby Blake breaks up the game.


Meanwhile, the adults enjoy some beverages



Aunt Mary and Mary-Louise are all smiles.



Looks like Gretchin and Brian are feeling festive too!



Some Tex-Mex and a few beers makes everyone smile!

Well, I think you get the idea here. We came - we partied - it was festive.  ...and there's just no way that I can put some witty comment under every picture. So, here's a few comment-less pictures for you to enjoy.














Seriously, no comment.



Oh Boy, time to open presents!!
Care Bare!!


Chad, Robert Jr., Uncle Dave and my brother.
...gosh, they look so excited.


Trey seems pretty happy that he got the biggest gift.


Christmas time is all about the pictures.


Say Cheese!!



Trying to take a picture of six kids is tough.




...and the kids are thinking "enough with the pictures already - we want to play!"



As long as the men aren't being asked to do anything - they are happy.


My dad and his sister are hitting the eggnog again.




Pat and Julie enjoy a laugh.


Mary-Louise gives Audrie a Christmas squeeze.


Hey kids - time to dog-pile on Pops!!

Wow - that's a lot of pictures!  Our next big Christmas event was at Jacqui's Mom's house. We did the usual, open gifts, drink and eat routine. Unfortunately, the battery in my camera dies and I only got this one picture. Don't worry, I'm sure the other folks will send me a few so I can fill in the blanks.


The one and only picture I was able to get at Jacqui's Mom's house.
....but it's a cute one!

On Christmas-eve, we went over to my parents house. This is the house I grew up in, and spending time there over the Christmas holidays really brings back the memories.



Pops and Lauren get ready to open presents.


Somebody really got their money's worth out of those antlers.



Awwwww, that's cute!






Jacqui already has the best Christmas gift in her lap.
Little Austin's 1st Christmas!

After the usual Christmas routine at my parents, we packed up all the gifts, kids, and leftovers and headed back home.  As we were leaving, it started to snow. Amazing.  Even more amazing was, as we got closer to our house, the snow kept coming down - harder and harder!


Our El-Cheapo BBQ pit had a couple inches of fresh powder.



Here's what our back yard looked like at about 10:30 on Christmas eve.



Looking out our front door at the neighbor's house.



Our front yard



More of our front yard.



Lauren was SO EXCITED that Santa Clause came to our house.



A new big Bike!!



And an Incredible's remote controlled car!!



Here's our house Christmas morning.
A white Christmas in Houston - amazing!



Merry Christmas Honey!





Lauren loved her 'water baby'.



It really was a picture perfect Christmas!!


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