Brian & Gretchen's House Warming

Brian&gretchen_01.JPG (38670 bytes)
Hello Everyone!


Brian&gretchen_03.JPG (41907 bytes)
Pops begins the 'spoiling Lauren process'


Brian&gretchen_04.JPG (30420 bytes)
The girls sample the wine...and sample and sample


Brian&gretchen_05.JPG (33365 bytes)
Richard helps Mary hide from the camera


Brian&gretchen_06.JPG (41300 bytes)
The boys enjoy a cold BEER outside


Brian&gretchen_07.JPG (23695 bytes)
Well, not ALL the boys...


Brian&gretchen_08.JPG (22990 bytes)
Yes, I'm *STILL* taking video


Brian&gretchen_10.JPG (40634 bytes)
Brian enjoys opening gifts - can't you tell?


Brian&gretchen_11.JPG (25699 bytes)
Awww - what a cute couple.
Did I mention they are expecting!?!?!?!


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