September 2, 1977 - at the tender age of 12, I attended my first concert. KISS with Styx at The Summit (Compaq center / Lakewood church). My dad took me and about 6 of my best friends. I should say - this was probably my dad's first concert as well, and I'm sure he was NOT impressed with what he saw. Remember, this is back in the 70's - so EVERYONE was smoking...weed. Styx put on a really good show, and I think my dad was cool with that. But during intermission between bands, all they showed on the big screen were all the girls flashing. I saw lots of boobies that day - which would usually be a great thing. But when your dad is scrowling just a few feet away...well, you get the idea.

When KISS came out it was crazy. I had never seen or heard anything like that before - it was more than I had imagined. Well, as I said - my dad wasn't impressed. Being a dad myself now, I can totally understand his feelings. I was just 12 afterall.  Well - all these years later - can you belive that I found some images from my very first concert. Actually, it appears there is video of this show - as the pics and setlist I found were from a bootlegger (trader). Yeah, I may try to get a copy of thoe show - just for old times sake.






I Stole Your Love

Take Me

Ladies Room


Love Gun


Makin' Love

Christine 16

Shock Me

Ace Frehley's Guitar Solo

I Want You

Calling Dr. Love

Shout It Out Loud

Gene's Solo

God Of Thunder

Peter's Solo

Rock And Roll All Nite

Detroit Rock City


Black Diamond

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