OZZY with Randy Rhoads - February 17, 1982 - Sam Houston Coliseum

For me, this was one of the BIGGEST and most memorable concerts. I was a junior in High school, and played guitar in a heavy metal band. We played some Ozzy, and Randy Rhoads was my HERO. I loved Ozzy's first solo album (Blizzard of Ozz), but when I heard Randy play live (on the King Biscuit) I was blown away. Of course, when I heard they were coming to Houston - I had to go. I must say, my folks were cool to let me go - it was a Wednesday (school night), and I remember my buddy Lambo got in trouble for getting home so late.

I am honored to say I saw Randy at his peak - to see him play live - well....it's something I cherish. Sadly, just about a month after I saw him - on March 19, 1982 - Randy Rhoads was killed in a plane crash. He is still regarded as one of the best guitar players to this day....

I've still not been able to find any media from that night in Houston. But I've decided to post up some good examples of Randy from that time....enjoy!!


Crazy Train



Suicide Solution:



I Donít Know:



Mr. Crowley:



Randy Rhoads Tribute Videos:




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