August 7, 1998 - TOOL played at the AstroArena.  

Prison Sex
Stinkfist(with Buzz Osbourne from the Melvins)
Stranglehold (Ted Nugent cover)
Timothy Leary speech
Sober ( with cool cataract surgery video on the screen)
(-) ions (Maynard played Intelegent Cube. When he lost, his score was
over 40,000...I think)
Flood ( with Smokebox video)

Sorry, I don't have any pics from this show. I do remember that this was one of the few concerts that I went to all by myself - nobody else could go - but that didn't stop me. I was BLOWN AWAY by TOOL. Here's what everyone else had to say:

Review written by: tsms (
Review posted on: 08/21/98 04:36:21

The TOOL show was the greatest experience of my life.

As soon as the Melvins got off the stage almost half the floor
rushed toward the stage, all wanting to get as close to TOOL as they
could. We were on the floor, and got way up front. When TOOL
started playing SWEAT the whole floor turned into a pit. Everyone
just went senseless. It was the greatest. The music was loud as
hell and sounded perfect. The whole floor was full of good looking
chics. The only fucked up thing was that there were a bunch of
redneck fucks. One of them even asked if TOOL was any good, which
pissed me off.

Review written by: GRAYSON WALLACE (
Review posted on: 08/21/98 04:07:43

i know this letter is a little late, but i am sorry that i dont have email
at my house. i live in austin, and my two hour drive to houston went by
like nothing. i actually counted down the hours until tool would come on
stage. i passed about twenty people on the way to houston with tool
stickers on their back windows, so i knew this show would be big. one of
the of the other reviews says that tool is a feeling. i dont disagree,
but i wish to embellish upon that. tool is not for the light of heart who
think that songs with cuss words are cool. tool is not for those that
think going to a tool concert is "alternative". tool is for those who
know all the lyrics because they have listened to all the cd's a million
times. tool is for all those that got beat in a private school for not
saying the lords prayer. tool is for all those that knew somewhere in the
back of their minds that the bible was bullshit. tool is for those that
were looking for "someone strong to guide" us. many feelings about maynard. strange
how one person could be such an influence on so many lives. at that
houston show on august 7th, several thousand of my fellow tool comrades
witnessed, as i did, the greatest concert of my life. maynard could have
gone out there and not sung a single word, and i would have felt
satisfied. to simply see a man so strong in his pure hate of bullshit
should be inspiring. in the encore maynard said, "This song is about the
collective consciousness", i immediately felt in touch with single one of
the persons in attendance that honestly could understand. to be in touch
with so many people, to feel what so many other people could feel, it was
awe inspiring. the show itself was incredible. maynard was in rare form,
adding extra feeling to every song. the opening song "sweat" added to the
feeling of a group "consciousness." maynard could barely be heard above
the crowd during an incredible "eulogy." during the encore of AEnima,
everyone was in a daze, contemplating "psychological watersports" and our
ever emerging reacquantance with "Mom." the concert itself was incredible,
and i encourage every that honestly feels the wat that tool does to make
every effort to see them on of their stops this summer. it will
definitely be worth 25 fucking dollars. i personally would have paid

"Learn to swin" grayson wallace-austin texas

Review written by: Matt Wade (
Review posted on: 08/18/98 04:24:29

Well I got to this show regardless of Houston's horrible traffic
along with my friends from yesterday's show and even got them into
the general admission area despite their lack of g.a. tickets. This
show kicked ass. They opened w/ "Sweat". The pit was great. Maynard
asked the same question from the San Antonio concert, "How many
open-minded, experimental, COMPASSIONATE people do we have here
tonight?" and slipped in other quips about how members of the
audience should start having sex w/ other consenting members. "So
find a pole or fill a hole," is the exact way he summed it up. And
the concert was almost as good as sex. They performed "Stranglehold"
originally by Ted Nugent and went into Prison Sex, a song which I
believe has a line from "Stranglehold" in it. Personally this was
also a great show for me because at my request while shouting between
songs from the floor they played "Flood" and "46 & 2": two of my
favorite songs. Unfortunately however,they had no encore.

Review written by: HNIC--Mike (
Review posted on: 08/17/98 21:37:50

Well allow me to start by saying that the Tool concert was by far
the most amazing concert I've ever been to. Just seeing Maynard up on was the shit. I mean not only can tool play, but they can put on
a damn fine show. It was worth my twenty-somethin bucks. The only thing i
was mad about was that they didn't play thirdeye. Oh well, it was still
awesome as hell. If Tool ever comes my way again I'll definitely be there!
By the way, who's this HWIC guy?

Review written by: Jennifer (
Review posted on: 08/15/98 00:13:39

as i sat in the midst of the smoky AstroArena, surrounded by so many
different people, all sharing the same feeling, deep inside my body.
TOOL isnt just a band, they are a feeling, and on Friday, August 7 i
came as close to that feeling as ive ever been, it was a night i
will never forget.

i guess everyone reading this, can relate to me, if, in fact you are
lucky enough to posess the memory of a TOOL concert, when i say that
this was the most amazing experience of my life. this was my first
TOOL concert, and i was completely, and utterly blown away. i walked
out of the venue, ears ringing, smiling, barely able to speak the
"Holy Fucking Shit" i was trying to say...

i was so overwhelmed i can barely remember the setlist, i do know,
however that Flood totally rocked, as well as 46 & 2..i was a little
sad to miss Pushit, being thats my favorite TOOL song, but hey,
theres always next year...

thanx to TOOL for making my first concert a vision of absolute
perfection...thanx also to Kabir for keeping up this amazing
archive...and last but definitely not least, thanx to all the other
TOOL fans that share this amazing, indescribable feeling with me,
you make the concerts even me sometime, after all,
who needs anything else, when you have TOOL? heh ~jen

Review written by: Biligerent fucker (
Review posted on: 08/14/98 15:19:46

I went to the red rocks show and it was "okay" But nothing like the
wild Houston show! I mean the band sounded good and everything and
they did some songs that they didn't do in Houston like a new
version of "push it" and don't quote me on this but I think they
played a led zepplin song called no quarter. Maynard looked like
Cher this time instead of Klinger from M.A.S.H.. He seemed a little
less relaxed than the houston show but the music still ROCKED!
Realy the only compliant I had was that there was no mosh pit! How
can that be you ask? Well all the seats were like in stadium seats
but we did our best to improvise. In my opinoin the Houston show
was 3 times better!!!!! Oh yeah and a big FUCK you and SUCK A BIG
FAT DICK to the guy who told me to get the fuck down from "his"
section of the seats... no one stood next to you fucker cos your
such an asshole and I'm glad the camera man blocked your view... I
hope it sucks you down. Sorry i had to say that but all in all the
Houston show was a much better show! =)

"not all martyrs see divinty"

Review written by: HWIC ~ Jeff (
Review posted on: 08/14/98 00:42:10

I've got a few things to say about this tool show. #1. Tool kicked as much
@$$ as is humanly possible in this show. i mean, i went to the metallica
concert on Aug. 2...and tool would have blown metallica away. And, just
like everyone else, i thought the m elvins BLEW GOATS. they played the
same chords over and over and over and over and over and over and over and
over and over and over again. 5 or so songs into the show, the head
Weedmonkey, i mean singer, asks if we want more. Like he even needed to
ask. all we wanted was his sorry @$$ off the stage. I, for one, yelled for
him to stop when he asked, and helped in the chanting of TOOL that
followed. i must say, maynard is one man who knows how to put on a good

Review written by: Jason Rodriguez (
Review posted on: 08/13/98 16:30:14

The concert was the best fuckin show i have seen. The whole floor
was nothing but a big ass pit. Towards the end of the show the band
sat on the side of the stage about to call it quits but adam talked
to the band to play one more song the song was AENEMA the crowd went
crazy i went my friends Sandy Trevino & Bobby Owens & Christina
If you miss TooL this summer your fucked

Review written by: Kristen (
Review posted on: 08/12/98 18:16:06

That was my third show ever. And it was by far the best out of the
three! I had so much fun althougb I was by myself the whole time.
With the exception of a few comments from a guy much older than I
am. But I loved it so much! It was by far the best show ever! I
don't think anyone else can live up to their show! I had so much
fun. For others of you that went, e-mail me sometime. Oh also, I
loved the comment they made about everyone going and having sex. It
was great!

Review written by: Biligerent Fucker (
Review posted on: 08/12/98 16:28:42

The Houston show was awsome! to clear things up my friend Brandon
(on of the only 4 punx at the show I saw) were thowing cups at the
Melvins...Im going to the Denver show right now.. I decided to a
coupleof minutes ago... LOL. Anyway the houston show rocked..
we'll see how red rocks is gonna be.

Review written by: jimmy (
Review posted on: 08/11/98 17:18:50

i had the privelage of going tho the show in san antonio and the show in
houston. Had to say that the houston show was better but that could of
been for personal reasons. The houston show was just far more intense
because it was indoors and there was no l ight pollution to mess with the
light show. Buzz added a little something extra to the sound which I
thought was cool. The stage setup rocked, from L to R on stage, Danny,
Maynard, Justin, Adam. A bit different than the drummer stuck in the back
deal. A s always the screen in the background brought much amusment to
those in the psycadelic experience. "It's like a psycadelic experience".
Final note, to whoever threw an object and hit Maynard. YOU FUCKIN PIECE

Review written by: Aecian (
Review posted on: 08/11/98 15:38:24

I finally saw tool for the first time in houston the night of my
birthday.. I must say it was an awesome show. I was rather dissapointed
that they played a short set, or rather maybe my expectations were set too
high.. I have heard rumors that they wi ll be playing in the
Missouri/Kansas area again in September, but I have not found any listings
to prove it. I would really like to see them again.. Please post any new
shows, It would be really appreciated....... Aecian

Review written by: Charles (
Review posted on: 08/10/98 16:05:33

It is hard to put into words what one really experiences at a TOOL
show. Sure everyone tries, but no one succeeds. To truley
understand, go to a show. Everyone who attended and wrote reviews
understands the last three sentences. I have pictures of the
Houston show. E mail me for more info. The show was the most
incredible thing my eyes have seen. If you are on the west coast,
and are reading these reviews, and waiting for Tool to come to your
city, and think you know how the show is going to be and what
Maynard is going to say and what is going to be played, you are very
very very wrong.

Review written by: Niki (
Review posted on: 08/10/98 03:40:39

Well this is my 6th Tool show..and I think I've 'reviewed'
every I feel very obligate ;) but I
won't go into too many details...

I would just like to say for the record that people should REALLY
lighten up on the melvins because they've been kicking ass for over
a decade..were around way before tool...and need respect...
the stuff they played friday was a lot more mellow than it was
1 1/2 ago when they opened for was much heavier then...
they have a new bass player who is definately not as good as the old
one, *(his name escapes me)* but they still are incredible..and if
tool wants them there...then shut up, watch and learn...

the setlist has already been listed...

but seeing 'sweat' was a real treasure along with 'flood'...I didn't
think I'd ever see them play those 2 songs live...

I was hoping for 'third eye'...that is the most amazing song live
ever to me...

Now, before had been almost an exact year since I last
saw tool...they all have changed SO much...adam has a new (and hot)
haircut...along with justin..grew his hair out and has what appeared
to be bleached spots....and I think I noticed danny's hair was

Did/does anyone know what that one huge cymbal/gong was that had
flouresent painting on it? My view was obstructed and I couldn't see
it...(mail me if you do plz)

oh I was talking to courtney (Love; of 'Hole') and she told me that
maynard used to follow her around with 'his lizard and beg me to
marry him'...I thought it was's very fitting
actually..but odd...oh that was some time ago...more than 6 years I
imagine...I thought it was interesting...

Oh yes...and I love how maynard still talks about having 'compassion'
for's really's the truth when he says that
tool concerts are special times to not worry about the shit outside
of the venue...

one thing that amazes last time tool played houston (at the
I-Ball) in Nov '96 there was about 1/6 of the people at the I-Ball
than were there Friday night...I thought it was amazing that in 2 many new fans are born...(some of them are pretty scary
but I won't go there)....

Review written by: Mike (
Review posted on: 08/10/98 02:57:20

Well done. This being my third time to see Tool, I knew about
what to expect. But- nothing compares to seeing them live. I'm not
too big on absurdly loud shows, but with Tool you just want to be
strapped to the P.A. and soak in the music. As for the performance
itself, they really came through. While other bands stick to an
iron-clad set list, Maynard & co. change (sometimes drastically) the
set from night to night. This can lend itself to inconsistency, but
the Houston show went on to kick my ass. I don't see why people are
doggin the venue- there are much, much worse places out there. I was
on the floor and it wasn't too rough (closer to the stage, I'm sure,
was likely another "experience"). But then there are belligerent
fucks everywhere. It's too bad the crowd didn't give the Melvins a
chance, but the Melvins weren't too interested in giving themselves a
chance. Flood and Sweat were a definate treasure, and I truly hope
Tool makes touring in Texas a once-a-year pilgramage (so few bands
play other dates besides Dallas).

Review written by: Wesley (
Review posted on: 08/10/98 00:20:42

TOOL rocks! This was the first TOOL show ive ever been to and i have to
say it will probably be one of the best shows ill ever see in my life. Me
and my friends started off at the front of the stage, but as soon as the
first chord of SWEAT was played, we were slammed around everywhere. It was
awesome because ive been in many mosh-pits in my time, and i have to
honestly say that this one was the wildest. TOOL puts on a great show. I
cant wait to see them again. Itll probably kick even more ass than this on

Review written by: cosine (
Review posted on: 08/09/98 23:34:10

What can I say, now I'm spoiled. This date was my first concert,
and is what I have to judge all others in the future by, so I think
I'm going to be a bit biased. Kind of a small venue, but it was
still loud as fuck. The Melvins opened up and played all of 35
minutes. I felt sorry for them, as alot of concert goers were
chanting "Tool! Tool!". I don't care, the Melvins always have and
always will rock. After they were practically booed off stage, Tool
arrived in full form. Maynard, in drag, took the stage along with
them other guys (hehehe). The video screen behind them was the
shit. They played everything on that bitch from Timothy Leary to
Maynard playing Intelligent Cube for about 8 rounds on the PSX. On
to the songs...

I was happy to say that i recognized all of them, even the two off
of Opiate. The best in my opinion was a tie between Sober and
Eulogy. King Buzzo even came back to play with them on Sober. He
kicked ass. As always, Maynard had some funny shit to say to us.
Like "How many certified card carrying lesbians are with us
tonight?" Probably the best show I'll ever see.

Review written by: Josh (
Review posted on: 08/09/98 17:56:03

I went and saw one of the best live shows ever on Friday night at
the Astro arena. Tool played one hell of a show. First and foremsot,
everyone can stop trashing Houston and its people. One type of person
shouldn't like only one type of band. You shouldn't give a rat's ass
who is at the show, just tear some shit up and have good time. The
Melvins were not a great choice for an opening act, their music
wasn't what the crowd expected. They just got annoying, and that
isn't how you warm up a crowd. It sure pissed the crowd off and it
was quite a relief to see them leave. The deftones would have made a
better opener. When Tool took the stage the place erupted with
yelling and applause like that of an angry volcano. The show never
lost any of its intensity. I enjoyed Maynard's break for a little
playstation. The cover of stranglehold was very well done, I guess
Tool doesn't make bad music. To wrap this up all I got to say is that
the show was unbelievable and the next time they come to your town
fork out the money, it's damn well worth every penny.

Review written by: Adrian (
Review posted on: 08/09/98 15:47:06

This was the second time I've seen T00L and they rocked! It was a
better show than I expected. The Melvins were really good that
night. I don't know why everyone said that they sucked. I think
Buzz was trying to piss the croud off a little. If anyone cares
about their set list, mail me. There was cool trippy techno-
music playing before T00L came on. Oh, I almost forgot- I met
Danny's father before the show started. I suspected that he was
someone important because he had a camera( they didn't allow cameras)
and he had a backstage pass- not to mention that he was an old guy
with grey hair. He was wearing a T00L shirt too. He was talking
to about 3 other guys when I entered the conversation. He was
saying stuff about the members of the band and about how they got
started. He signed my ticket! For fear of making this review
too long, if anyone wants details about what he talked about mail me.
When T00L came on Maynard was wearing a tight dress and a short black
wig. He also had fake breasts. Adam and Danny both cut their hair.
Prison Sex
Stinkfist(with Buzz Osbourne from the Melvins)
Stranglehold( I think Buzz was gone by the time they started playing
that song)
Timothy Leary speech- at end "think for yourself Question Authority"
was repeated. Long intro to Sober played in the background.
Sober( with cool cataract surgery video on the screen)
(-) ions (Maynard played Intelegent Cube. When he lost, his score was
over 40,000...I think)
Opiate (on the part where he says " blind me with your light" there
was this big blinding light that was in everyone's faces)
Flood ( with Smokebox video)
That's it! It was a great show!‰

Review written by: longtime toolfan (
Review posted on: 08/09/98 04:52:16

This was my 3rd Tool concert I have been to. It definately rocked! I
dont see why people are bitching so much about those wild and crazy
kids that like to jump around and push people. Its a Tool concert and
if you even know what Tool is about then you would know people react
to their music in different ways. If you dont want to get touched
then go sit in the seats. Speaking of seats, that is where I was
stuck unfortunately because the security there was tighter than...
well never mind lets just say it was tight. Please do not buy floor
tickets and then want to sit down you are wasting valuable space.
You shouldnt be sitting at a Tool concert... it is disrespectful.

They have already posted the setlist so I wont bother but damn they
kicked ass. I love that new verse in Prison Sex and it was cool to
hear Stranglehold. No one can move like Maynard. My favorite dance
he did was what me and my friends call THE STOMP. He did it during
the Opiate / Flood changeup. He has the music timed perfectly.

Only things that sucked were security, Maynards microphone was
somewhat drowned out at times, and I wish I was closer. Anyways, we
left our mark.. have fun fixing that seat.


Review written by: Matt B... (
Review posted on: 08/09/98 04:49:31

Yeah!! I never listened to Tool until I met Mike. He convinced me
to see this show then made me listen to Tool CD's the entire 6-hour
drive there. And I loved it! When Maynard did the stomp, I got so
pumped. Sweat was dripping off of my face the entire show! From
song 1 all the way through Eulogy...Stinkfist...46 and 2...the Ted
Nugent song Strangle Hold...Aenima...all of it. The entire arena
was going crazy when the wig came off. Tool rocks!! Thanks Mike for
opening my eyes! Yeah!!!

Review written by: Master Reviewer (
Review posted on: 08/09/98 03:47:10

Tool, as expected, was incredible. A lot of the fans were
incredibly stupid. The little snot-nosed punks, rednecks and
fratboys who attend shows such as this give civilized Tool
listeners a bad name. Also, as expected, seeing the show in
Texas detracted from the overall experience. I'd like to know
what moron decided to have a beer cutoff at 10 PM--Only in Texas!
The next time a show in New Olreans sells out, I'll go to
Florida or some other state.

Review written by: jesus (
Review posted on: 08/09/98 01:40:11

first,the crowd in Houston did not appreciate the deep sounds of the
Melvins,that is,15-17 year old marylin hanson fans-I like tool because
stinkfist -i only came to the concert to pick a fight-korn are
gods-people.So they started throwing things to the s tage until the
Melvins left. My opinion is that maybe the Melvins are not exactly an
OPENING ACT,in the sense that their music is really heavy and slow,but is
bloody intense and original,they are a great band

Then tool came out opening with Sweat,then Eulogy was second making a
perfect fusion of music and images with the oval back screen ( cause this
time the drums where on the left corner)

highlights: flood,sober,prison,maynard's wig ,danny's exquisite and strong

Review written by: Kwiatek///tool (
Review posted on: 08/09/98 00:52:52

Hey I just wanted to let everyone know that the TOOL concert was the best
time of my fucking life. It was my first and wont be the last. I didnt
get to get on the floor because security was so lame!!! But the one thing
I did get to do was rip a fucking seat out!! I was so pumped during
Eulogy i ripped the mother right out!! Thanks security..PAY BACK!!!!
Anyway, 46 & 2 rocked. Thanks for the memories TOOL....Ill be back again
to see you guys. I wish there were more bands out there like you guys. M
aynard gets the fans so pumped!!! Tool fan for life.

Review written by: Mike Brown (
Review posted on: 08/09/98 00:51:26

First Off, The Houston Astroarena sucked asshole. It was the worst place
I've ever seen a show. My girlfriend and I drove 5 hours to see them and
we had to fight the stupid freaks of Houston who can't sit and watch a
show for 5 minutes and maybe learn something. It's o.k. now, I'm back in
Baton Rouge and I'm going to see them in New Orleans tomorrow night where
they know how to appreciate a good band. The concert was good because we
had floor tickets and it was tool playing, but it is the last time I will
see a band in Houston. The song list was about the same as the last few
shows. That's it.

Melvins kicked ass, MJK makes a hot chick.
P.S. 5 dollars for a Miller Lite, only in Houston. Cardinals Rule.
I stole Adams Guitar, threw up on it, and then caught it on fire.

Review written by: The Sandman (
Review posted on: 08/09/98 00:33:03

Yeah so I went to the Houston show last night and I'm still having
trouble hearing people, even the ones sitting right next to me right
now. What's that? Tool is the best band in the world? Oh, you
said I'm a fool and I need to hand you...what? Anyways, the concert
was totally awesome. I can't say much for the Melvins...they kinda
sucked. And then while they were setting up for Tool they played
this wierd subliminal-message spacey shit. But when Tool came on,
it made up for everything! Maynard was wearing a short, black wig,
a gray t-shirt dress, white socks, and black boots. The rest of the
band was in "normal" attire. Maynard was dancing around a bit
obscenely throughout the whole show, but it made the concert all the
better. I'm pretty sure I saw his package...nice...for all
interested, he wears tighty whities (white briefs for all you
dipshits out there). Yeah so the concert was by far the best I've
ever seen by anyone ever. T00L KICKS ASS!!! And don't you forget

Review written by: Russell Solomon (
Review posted on: 08/08/98 20:12:17

I saw Tool here in Houston, TX, at the Astroarena, last night. It kicked
ass! Maynard was dressed up as a woman. He even had breasts. He did
some freakish crazy dancing that looked pretty scary. The guitarist/singer
from the Melvins got to play along with them and he did a cool solo on his
guitar. The mosh pit was rough... I lost my glasses and got on the floor
trying to find them and people kept falling on top of me. At one point
Maynard said "This is what we want to be for you tonight. We just w ant
to be your background music. We want everyone out there to start having
sex with a complete stranger. So grab a pole or fill a whole!" I am not
really sure if anyone actually started fucking, but it was funny anyway.
It was really crowded on the F loor and the seats were almost filled. I
can't remember all the songs they played (i was busy being thrashed in the
mosh pit) but highlights were Eulogy, Opiate, a cover of a Ted Nugent song
(i forgot the name of the song), and an encore of Aenima.

Russell Solomon

Review written by: ca$h money (globox@hotmail)
Review posted on: 08/08/98 18:19:55

my best friend
caught the wig
M.J. is god!

Review written by: Hefty (
Review posted on: 08/08/98 13:03:22

Set List:
Prison Sex
(enter King Buzzo)
(exit King Buzzo)
long jam session

Note: for those of you not old enough to drink, "Stranglehold" is a
Ted Nugent song. For those of you not old enough to drive, Ted
Nugent is the Detroit City Madman; a hard rock musician from the late
70s early 80s.

The only thing that sucked for me was that my vision of the video
screen was 90% obscured by the giant speaker system hanging down from
the ceiling joist. Oh yeah, the high number of rednecks and
fratboys. What is it with these people?

BTW, anybody know what that cover song by the Melvins was? I think
it was "The Green Manalishi" or else it was some Black Sabbath tune.
I couldn't really tell, you know, 'cuz it was the Melvins.

Best show I have seen in a long time. Just wish I coulda been on the

Review written by: tool fan (
Review posted on: 08/08/98 10:50:58

that was by far one of the best concerts ive been to in awhile....
i loved some of the little bits of info he used....such as the "be
yourself" speech my timothy leary...and all that shit.
the coolest part was when he played intelicube to (-) ions. that was
fuckin bad ass. anyways.....all i have to say was it fuck rocked!!!!

Review written by: Jed (
Review posted on: 08/08/98 06:09:01

good show....
fratboy/redneck quotient: HIGH (dangerously)

"hous-town. tex-ass. how many open-minded, experimental, compassionate
humans are out there?...and how many ignorant redneck types?.....while
you're leaving, we'll enjoy the melvins."

they didnt.

"how many official, card-carrying lesbians do we have here
tonight?......right's the way to be. trust me."

"we don't actually want you to think of us as up here right now...we just
wanna be your background music. see, the world has a lot of problems and i
think we need to get started by generating the most amount of positive
Energy in the Universe. so everyone
find an adult and start fucking....grab a pole, fill a hole. whatever you
have to do."

he shouldnt have encouraged them.

stranglehold--"this is a cover song...but you probably wont recognize it.
cause we cant play a NORMAL cover...."

aenema--"this song is about better living through psychological water
sports. about smart real estate investments. most of all, this song is
about compassion. remembering that we are all part of the same thing, the
same energy of the collective unconsciou s. it's about being aware of that
pool of the collective unconscious and diving in."

amazing words-unfortunately totally lost on 97.6% of the audience, who
proceeded to beat the --- out of each other for the 7 minutes that
remained of the concert.

oh well....hopefully They know that there were those here in the heart of
the ignorance who did Understand. otherwise i pity the task they must have
performing for people who, for the most part, they obviously dont like.

thats all from ranting.

did anyone happen to see the score on the intelligentcube game? i dont
think it was 46 and 2 when he killed himself.... :)

anyways, late.



Review written by: Krispy (
Review posted on: 08/08/98 04:05:15

This was my second time to see TOOL lets just say IT KICKED MAJOR ASS!!!
I saw them when they came to the International Ballroom last year and that
pit was huge, but for some reason the pit this time was HELL OF ALOT
BETTER!! I really suggest u go see
them in concert if u havn't already. They put on one hell of a show!
every song kicked ass from Sweat to NIMA! -----Loyal Fan

Review written by: Jason D. (scream7763)
Review posted on: 08/08/98 03:19:22

This was my first Tool concert so I didnt know exactly what to expect. I
had heard stories about how much ass they kicked but i had never seen if
for myself. Having seen the Metallica show the previous sunday i was
skeptical about how much better this c ould possibly be. However from the
moment that i saw Maynard in his dress i knew it would kick ass. They
broke out with Sweat and me and my friends starting going crazy. Nobody
jams better than Maynard. He danced around the whole night and he is a ba
d ass. Adam just kind of stood there but he played pretty flawless.
Maynard was encouraging everybody to have sex and said "grab a pole and
fill a hole" so that was kind of funny. Other than that they pretty much
just jammed for the whole night It wa s about an hour and a half and it
kicked major ass. Tool was one of my favorite concerts and i cant wait to
go back. I just hope they dont bring the melvins again because they
sucked major ass. Towards the end of their set people were chanting Tool.
so that had to suck for them. Anyways heres the set list if anyone gives
a damn.

Prison Sex
Stranglehold (A Ted Nugent song)
46 & 2
encore: Aenima

Review written by: Sheri (TyegerLili)
Review posted on: 08/08/98 03:10:43

The concert was fuckin' great. It did seem a little short though. I was a
bit sad that Maynard didnt take off his dress.

Review written by: Ian "Flex" Poole (
Review posted on: 08/08/98 02:15:59

Two words, "KICK ASS!"
After missing their show last year and damn near missing it again
this year I was glad when I heard my friend had a spare ticket. Let's
just say if you have never seen Tool play and you think they're great
then get your ass out in the world and buy a ticket. After the show,
my friends and I waited around outside to see if we could get an
autograph. Unfortunately nobody came out. However, by some odd twist
of fate, someone walked out of the building and some of the backstage
workers told them to hold the door. After the workers came walked in
my friend grabbed the door and we walked in. Let's just say, we got
Maynard's autograph while our other friends sat outside wondering
where we had disappeared to. Anyhow, I recommend going to one of
their shows and if anyone out there has a picture of the double-sided
cross on the large black disc then email me and let me know cuz i
want to make a dektop graphic out of it.

Review written by: psycho #45927 (
Review posted on: 08/08/98 02:10:20

Ok. I was impressed. Even if it was my umteenth Tool show,
they never fail to amaze me. Thanks to Tool and to you and
all that made it happen, hehe.

--one happy tool fan

Review written by: Some Guy (
Review posted on: 08/08/98 01:30:01

Can you say, "Hell yeah" that concert I've been to in

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