Shinedown at Verizon - WooHoo!!  I really enjoy seeing concerts there. It's a small theater type venue, with full bar.  Last night's show wasn't sold out - not even close. I hardly saw anyone in the seats upstairs, and the lines at the bar - well - there really weren't any.

Operator opened for Shinedown.  I thought I'd never heard of them, until they started playing. I had heard them on Serious satellite - Octane. Their song 'Soul Crusher' is played often. Anyway, I mentioned to Jacqui that they had a very 'Guns n Roses' sound, and sure enough - they did play a GNR cover to prove my point. Honestly, Operator may have stolen the show from Shinedown.




Now that everyone has a cold beer - let's take a couple pictures before the show.



























The funny thing about this pic - those are NOT my hands up there.

























....and here's a few clips of the show from YouTube!





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