Crested Butte, Colorado

03/07/00 6:46am

Here are a few more pictures from Crested Butte.  These were on a new roll that I just got developed.

cb20.jpg (58832 bytes)
It's a family tradition - stop here for Irish Coffee


cb21.jpg (59636 bytes)
...although it might be a little while before Trey enjoys an Irish Coffee


cb22.jpg (67617 bytes)
Devin, Sally, Jacqui and I getting ready to enjoy a buffalo steak...MMMMmmmm.


Went skiing with Mom, Dad, Bill, Ilonka, Jacqui ...and little Trey.  Devin and Sally also met us for a day.  It was AWESOME - there's just no better word to describe it.  We stay in a condo right on the slopes.  See the picture below - you can ski right up to that sliding glass door.  Heck, if someone held it open you could ski right to the couch. 

cb10.jpg (42917 bytes)
Little Trey wonders when he can strap on a board and catch some phat air.


cb05.jpg (68478 bytes)
Each couple has the same eye-wear....hmmm. 


cb06.jpg (56867 bytes)
Ilonka is careful not to drop Trey, or he'd go zipping down the mountain...hehehe.


cb03.jpg (46917 bytes)
Ready to hit the slopes.


cb08.jpg (46451 bytes)


cb09.jpg (83883 bytes)
Seriously now, this is the view from our porch.   SO beautiful.


cb07.jpg (53116 bytes)
Jacqui is on the mountain!!!   (that deserves 3 exclamation marks)


cb11.jpg (48573 bytes)
Good pic of me and the wife


cb12.jpg (50454 bytes)
You get to ride with some small kiddies when you ski the bunny slopes.


cb13.jpg (70143 bytes)
The Crested Butte Brewery ...good beer but our service was poor that night.


cb14.jpg (33295 bytes)
Remember this pic Devin?  You were right - it came out nice.


cb16.jpg (66606 bytes)
Bill and Ilonka really like the chair lift ride.


cb15.jpg (51011 bytes)
Sally and Devin.....sittin in a tree.........


cb17.jpg (63143 bytes)
Looking at this picture really makes me want to go back SOON.


cb18.jpg (51121 bytes)
Thanks again Mom and Dad!  No joke - my folks are great.


cb02.jpg (48165 bytes)
Little Trey says "come back soon - there's still more pictures we haven't developed yet!"




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