Easter 2001

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We have been telling David for several years now
that he's getting a little old for the egg hunt.


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The Egg Hunt Mayhem!


easter2001_03.JPG (50252 bytes)
Brian and Chad discuss egg hunting strategy


easter2001_04.JPG (42541 bytes)



easter2001_06.JPG (51554 bytes)
Noah points out one for Trey



easter2001_07.JPG (56167 bytes)
Tanner hands an egg to Trey.
Seems like Trey is getting everyone else to do the work for him...
just like his dad does.



easter2001_08.JPG (46473 bytes)
Moms and their sons.   Too cute.


easter2001_09.JPG (53089 bytes)
"Here - have an egg"


easter2001_10.JPG (43147 bytes)
Posing for another picture - what a ham.


easter2001_11.JPG (59646 bytes)
...a crowd begins to gather


easter2001_12.JPG (48318 bytes)
The enthusiasm shown by the spectators was inspiring

easter2001_13.JPG (51470 bytes)
Green eggs and red hair


easter2001_14.jpg (27612 bytes)
Trey gives Lauren a kiss


easter2001_15.jpg (40663 bytes)
Julie (who is only days away from having a baby) holds Lauren


easter2001_16.jpg (64378 bytes)
Me and my brother enjoy a cold beverage by the pool


easter2001_17.jpg (63318 bytes)
Chad squishes Brian while Gretchen holds Lauren
(if you can't tell - holding Lauren was a popular thing to do)


easter2001_18.jpg (51637 bytes)
Tanner is a little shy - both Davids think it's funny


easter2001_19.jpg (52890 bytes)
Proud Papa John with red headed Noah


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