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At last!  The pictures from the Halloween party are here - Enjoy!

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Julie and Ken - rubbing the lantern - making a wish



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Stephen gets ready to shoot me in the head.
(just don't mess up my hair)



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Group shot!
From left to right, Harry, Jacqui, Rene, Karen, Melissa, Aladdin and the Arabian Dancer



Halloween2000_08.jpg (49439 bytes)
The gladiator (Mark) stands in front of some of his trophy skulls



Halloween2000_06.jpg (24777 bytes)
Usually, I have a hard time telling them apart.   ...not at this party.
(The pumpkin is expecting a little pumpkin)



Halloween2000_09.jpg (45260 bytes)
Another group shot - except the drunk photographer cut out the afro sisters.


Halloween2000_10.jpg (48348 bytes)
Susan and Mark have matching breast plates.

Halloween2000_02.jpg (62643 bytes)
The flash makes everything look so bright - it almost killed the vampire.



Halloween2000_13.jpg (63528 bytes)
Ramiro, Angela, Mark, Monica and Rob.
Dang, Ramiro needs to practice better oral hygiene.


Halloween2000_11.jpg (51940 bytes)
The four hosts - Micci, Terry, Susan and Mark.   Thanks guys!


Halloween2000_12.jpg (48705 bytes)
For some reason, I never saw this cake.
  I guess I should have wandered away from the beer more.



Halloween2000_15.jpg (50232 bytes)
This bunch got a little rowdy and had to be sent outside.



Halloween2000_16.jpg (55550 bytes)
Kissing up to the Cop


Halloween2000_17.jpg (58733 bytes)
Here - have another beer!


Halloween2000_18.jpg (61285 bytes)
Micci gets ready to kiss the camera.
(would have left a big lipstick smear if she did)



Halloween2000_14.jpg (63976 bytes)
Can you believe that horny devil snagged such a hottie?

Halloween2000_19.jpg (49499 bytes)
Enjoying a cold beverage on the porch.


Halloween2000_20.jpg (36474 bytes)
Almost looks like a girl only dance party - not that there's anything wrong with that,
especially if you're the only guy.


Halloween2000_21.jpg (45935 bytes)
Scooby Doobie Doo - and a witch too!
(I'm about to get me a Scooby snack)


Halloween2000_22.jpg (57027 bytes)
Hope Everyone had a Happy Halloween!


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