The 1st LAN party of 2003 - January 4th to be exact.  It was a good crowd - in attendance were...well - just read the screenshot below.

If you're a gamer - you'll notice we were playing BattleField 1942. Yes....

Even with just ten of us at the LAN party - is was a blast.  KidChronic just about tore up everyone - he seemed to be everywhere.  Lips2000 did a lot of bitching - I mean trash talking about spawn camping with the tank.  I'm laughing just thinking about it.  And damn - BigRob kept going kamikaze on me every time I'd jump into a tank.  ...having that fighter plane nose dive into me just about scared me to death a couple times.

It doesn't make for good pictures - but we like it dark.

Same pic as above - with blinding flash

Once again, I'm caught making a fool of myself.

We had two laptops at this LAN - it makes bringing your gear SO MUCH easier.

Of course, we also managed to sneak in a couple games of Q3 - CaptureStrike - and CTF.

Looking at the above screenshot reminds me to send out a special THANK YOU SIR to Incubus for bringing the dedicated server - and to Ram for taking the pics.  

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