Lauren    ...4 to 7 months old.

It's amazing how they grow up right before your eyes. Since I've posted last, Lauren has really taken off. She can sit up all by herself - and can almost stand on her own - if it weren't for that tricky 'gravity' thing.

No matter what you have - she wants it!


I love to see that smile!


She's not crawling yet - but she's close.


Daddy's little girl.


At seven months, Lauren can sit up all by herself.


This is how she looks when she's watching TV.
Do not disturb!

She loves this toy!


...and she still loves the porch swing.


Lauren says "Stop taking pictures and finish changing my diaper!"

She enjoys playing on the floor - honest.


These pictures were taken when Lauren was about 4 months old

Micci and Lauren say HELLO



"I like my feet"



Bye-Bye - see you again soon!

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