Lauren's First Birthday

Has it been a YEAR already? ...I suppose it has. A lot has happened since Lauren was born. She can walk. Well, almost. She can walk about 10 or 15 steps before crashing back to earth. She's also got a pretty good vocabulary for a one year old. She says: Daddy (my favorite, of course) Momma, Uh-oh!, Bye-bye, Hi, Banana (ok, it sounds more like nana)....and a few others. I'm so proud of her. ..she's stolen my heart.

The festivities started on Sunday, March 10th, 2002 - the true 1st birthday. We had family over for champagne brunch, opened presents, ate cake and all that other good stuff. As amazing as it seems - we didn't take a million pictures that day. I've got more on video...but get the idea.

The STAR of the show!!
...complete with birthday cake smudges.

Trey wanted to play with everything Lauren opened...
. ..even if it was a PINK truck.


MORE presents?


Lauren - turn around - I'm trying to get you on video

"Daddy - can you get that booger for me?"
Yeah - it's tough being a super model.

The next week, Jacqui's "Mommy group" had a birthday party for all the kids. Most of them were born within a few weeks from each other. This was my first time to see all of them together - so that was neat for me. Also, it was cool that this party was at someone else's house - because eight one year olds can SURE make a MESS!


The Moms....


...and the Dads


Daddy helps open the gift.


Yummmy - chocolate cupcake!
(you know where this is going)


That's right - just dig right in.


Momma is pretty quick with that wet-wipe.


But not quick enough for Lauren!




I can walk everywhere, so long as I'm holding Daddy's finger.


Happy Birthday Lauren!

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