Mother's day 2001

This Mother's Day was very special to us - it was Jacqui's first as a new mom.  She organized a brunch with BOTH families, which is no small ordeal - but that's another story.  Anyway, we all got together at La Strada and enjoyed a wonderful Mother's day. 

Mom_day_02.jpg (53784 bytes)
Aunt Julie, Jacqui and Grandma Mary pose with a sleepy Lauren

Mom_day_07.jpg (49173 bytes)
Little Trey was curious about his cousin, while my mom and Ilonka supervise


Mom_day_04.jpg (42352 bytes)
Pay up Julie!

Mom_day_05.jpg (42907 bytes)
Lauren brings a smile to everyone's face



Mom_day_06.jpg (33122 bytes)
Mr. Bec & Mary are tickled pink

Mom_day_08.jpg (54865 bytes)
This was such as good picture - I had to take it with 2 cameras

Mom_day_09.jpg (53932 bytes)
The (very) proud parents.

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