Another old Photo Album - 1979


When I was in Junior High, one of my hobbies was photography. I had a Pentax 1000, 35mm SLR, and I thought I was soooo cool. I even converted my bathroom into a darkroom, where I attempted to develop/print my own pics. Anyone who tried developing color pics knows how difficult it can be, and I had more failure than success. It was about this time that Fox-Photo started putting those little drop off pads in every parking lot. They could do it faster, better, and much cheaper - so my darkroom equipment eventually went into the closet.

Here is page one of my old photo album. Is it obvious who I had a crush on in eight grade??


In the picture above, I am 14, and surrounded by Cindy Dimpster, Deborah O'Banion, and my crush, Diana Cozart. In the pic just above this one, Diana is standing next to....I dunno - but I do recognize a very young Mike Malone (red shirt) sitting behind. In the pics below, Scott Henry gets in the action. Scott was my best friend at the time. In the 8th grade, we ruled the bus - woohoo!! (haha).

After the bus pics, are a few pictures of the 8th grade 'industrial arts' class - you know - lawnmower repair, woodshop, etc.



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