Another old Photo Album - 1979


The summer of 1979. I spent two weeks at The Rocking L Ranch. What I find amazing is that recently I did a quick search, and The Rocking L Ranch is still in business, and it doesn't look like it's changed at all. It is still family owned, with Brad Larson now running the show after his father Jim's passing. I can remember Brad as a summer counselor.

I went to the Rocking L several summers, and I remember all those times very fondly. Jim Larson was a TOUGH man, but he earned my respect quickly. I can remember when he made me and Chip Keys tread water for hours one time. He had someone watch us to make sure we didn't cheat (or drown). At the time I hated it, but soon I started to look back with pride at that accomplishment, and the confidence it built in me.

Another incident I remember with a smile, was the time a bunch of us (boys and girls) got caught after curfew running outside in our underwear. Jim said something to the effect of "if y'all want to run around all night in your underwear - fine!" ....and he made us spend the rest of the night locked outside - in just our underwear. It was cold, and we were tired...looking back - I laugh.

Of course, the most fun we had were all the horse rides - especially the over night ride - and the snipe hunt - and the hay ride, where we were scared out of our wits! ...ahhh, good times.

Below, Christi and Suzanna get all dressed up - we must have been going to put-put that night or something. Below that, you see how we would normally look. Yes, that's me in the red tank top with the happy smile.  Gosh, to be 14 again.

In the group photo below, I see Christi in the jogger tank, Holly Larson, and Chip Keys (tall red head).

Mr. Larson gives another lesson, and oh - I see that he's sitting on someone who tried to take his spot. The final pic on thie page was taken in Naches, Mississippi.



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