01/10/99  <<caught my date error

Man - been a while since I've updated this page.  A lot has happened in the Quake world since 12/13/99.  I finally got Quake3 Arena - so you'll be seeing some of those screenshots pretty soon here.  In other news - the Tejaz clan has seen some shake-ups.   We're still kicking - but a little short handed at the moment.  And now - the moment you've all been waiting for - GIB-O-RAMA news!!  (applause)

The weather was beautifully dreary - it sux when it's nice and sunny outside and you're in a dark warehouse with 50 other geeks.   Yikes - that sounds kinda scary...hehe.  Well anyway, I've heard there is a bit of a controversy over my receiving a 2nd place medal in the 'intermediate' division - accusations of 'sandbagging' or 'trophy hunting'.  I'm hopeful that maybe a few of you who feel that way will read this.  First, let me assure you - in no way did I - or would I - sandbag to get a trophy, or a medal, or be listed on someone's website.   Now, if they were giving away a million dollars I might consider it - but I digress.  I played to the best of my abilities in each round.  Now keep in mind - I'd never even seen the maps till that day - I'm not a hard core 'GOTTA WIN' practice 4 hours a day kinda player - I've just got too much other stuff to do.  I could list a ton of reasons why I sucked on the 1st map....it's all about weapon control of which I had none (helps to know where they are).  Also, I don't know if I started in the 'advanced' or 'advanced intermediate' server - but I was in there with some of the best - who have been practicing.  2nd map - same story - I thought I'd have a chance because of the big room with the rocket launcher and armor - but I just couldn't hold it - finished like 5th,6th...maybe 7th I dunno.  Next Map I hear Greenlee say 'ok this is the medal round' so I fought like hell.  Tried my best not to fall off that damn map.....and camped the RL and shotgun - didn't even try to explore the rest of the map.   You can ask anyone on that server - it was neck and neck right up to the end - top 5 or 6 players were all within a few frags from each other.  Anyway...that's the scoop.

The best part of the GIB for me was the CTF tourney.  There were 14 teams of 4 players each, and my team finished 3rd.   I had some talented teamates - Briareos, Bantha Blade (sorry if I mis-spelled it), and RatFart (nice name dude  :-P).     It was amazing - our first three matches were all won in overtime!  Seriously exciting stuff - for me anyway.  We then lost the next two matches to the #1 and #2 team - but it was really fun - and I swear - the warm up before the tourney was the very first time I'd ever even seen Q3 CTF.  So anyway, I was happy with that. 

Blah, blah blah - show me the screenshots!!

GIB01.jpg (101049 bytes)
     The big Rocket Arena game - this shot was taken right after BigRob yells to me "Hey SunKing, what the matter, you asleep over there?"


GIB02.jpg (37257 bytes)
BigRob's comment fired me up - and I got 4 more frags.   BigRob got zero    ;-)


GIB03.jpg (63900 bytes)
Scores hadn't changed (except Princess) - but it was such a pretty pic - I had to include it.


GIB04.jpg (37770 bytes)
Check that out - 4 more frags for SunKing - and Rob got...hmmmm...one.  Thanks for the encouragement during the dame dude!
And check out [GUS]lull - WAY TO GO!!

Had a great time at the GIB - special thanks to Greenlee for all his hard work in running Houston's biggest and best LAN parties.  And shout-outs to all my LAN buddies who I enjoyed seeing this past Saturday.  The man himself - BigRob, Ramiro (who I don't know why he isn't in the screenshots above because he sure did kick some booty in the Q3 FFA), SuperTech (quake player with seniority by virtue of his age)...and got to meet his son too.  More LAN buddies - Crackbaby (sorry I didn't get ya any Burger King), Grond, Lull, Incubus, Angulimala (next time bring your PC goof), Tsunami, Subbie (won a gold medal I believe - congrats!), Annon (poor dude suffered through lockups a good part of the day....hehehehe - he was pissed) and Jalapeno (great job on the other games servers)...did I miss anyone - sorry If I did.   Th..th..th...that's all folks.


We had another OGL CTF (open) match last night.  Another victory for Tejaz!  Check out the screenshots below.

TJZ_KEG2.jpg (14669 bytes)

TJZ_KEG.jpg (14083 bytes)


I know I promised to break up this page into a more bandwidth friendly version - but don't have time today.  So for those POOR SUCKERS still using an analog modem....sorry. 

OK - here's some pics from OPERATION COUNTERSOBER (November 20, 1999).  Thanks for bringing the digital camera BigRob!

LAN3.jpg (64693 bytes)
The 3 wise men of Counterstrike - from front to back - Subbie, Angulimala and Annon.


LAN1.jpg (47579 bytes)
Check out Angulimala's nifty Half-Life box - that dude is SERIOUS.


LAN2.jpg (42324 bytes)
A not so flattering shot of Crackbaby.  I think he's helping Angulimalia open his beer.


LAN4.jpg (43082 bytes)
I had some help spotting terrorists - Thanks Mark!!


LAN6.jpg (52710 bytes)
Ram hears better through his head.


CS1.jpg (17128 bytes)
11 to 0......OUCH - must suck to loose that bad.


 CS2.jpg (42095 bytes)
Subbie's favorite spot - he ruled this map.


What's that you say??  Not enough pictures??  OK - here's some more from some recent Tejaz matches.

TJZ_A3D.jpg (29115 bytes) TJZ_A3D_2.jpg (14697 bytes)
Another victory for me and BigRob in the OGL RA2.   We're now ranked 14th out of 100 - not bad!!


TJZ_AMZ2.jpg (43106 bytes)
Moving up the OGL CTF open ladder!!


This page is getting too big.
I guess my next web project will be to split it up into easier to load sections.
Until then - enjoy the latest Quake eye candy.

TJZ-PRIME.jpg (56937 bytes)
OGL 2on2 RA2 open VICTORY   (me & BigRob against clan PRIME)

More OGL Victories!   TJZ-BigRob and I (TJZ-SunKing) defeated clan {PRIME} to take the 19th position on the 2on2 RA2 open ladder.

Talk about close games - it was neck and neck the entire time.  The first map played was Rail Arena.  We battled to a 4-4 tie and it was in the last round of the map that I was eliminated early.  I could only watch helplessly as both enemies chased BigRob.   Somehow - even with PL - BigRob managed to wipe them both out - and TJZ took the first map 5-4!

The second map played was Warehouse.  {PRIME} took an early 4-1 lead, but did we give up?  NO!  We fought back to a 4-4 tie - and gave them quite a scare before dropping the final round - and loosing the 2nd map.

For the tiebreaker map, we agreed to play Warehouse again.  BigRob and I came on strong - winning the first 3 rounds.  (PRIME} wasn't going down easy - and the next few rounds were back and forth.  Finally, with a score of 5-3 Tejaz clan came out on top - Victorious.  Props to Gemmy and Wooly from clan {PRIME} - they were great sports, and gave us a tough match.

Q3d.jpg (19870 bytes)
How's YOUR download speed?

9/23/99 7:45am

Here are some pics from the TJZ LAN III

TJZ LAN Pic #1 (57102 bytes)
From front to back - Sinny's head, Bad Attitude, BigRob, me, Kyle, Raptor...and I think that is Vert's back.


TJZ_LAN2.jpg (73562 bytes)
Smile Kyle!  (quoted from K2:  "his monster truck madness OC'ed computer system from hell")


TJZ_LAN3.jpg (47090 bytes)
Front to back again - Mr. Clean, Cartman, H&K40, Makizmo, Blue88 Taco and BigRob


TJZ_LAN4.jpg (53528 bytes)
Raptor is in a groove!

9/14/99 5:31pm

I went to the Gib-O-Rama this weekend.  Here's one of the screenshots:

GIB 9-11-99.jpg (71135 bytes)
(of course I'm in the lead - why else would I have taken it?)

And here's another for the record books - me kickin' BigRob's booty: (don't listen to his crap about only being able to hear from one ear).

svr9-13.jpg (17987 bytes)

9/09/99 4:38pm

I haven't had time to do anything organized - or even tell you much about these pictures - but here's some eye candy for your entertainment.......

TJZ_Q3.jpg (75740 bytes)

ec7.jpg (27687 bytes)    tjzvsda.jpg (14250 bytes)


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