Thanksgiving.  A time to be with family. A time to eat, drink and watch football (Hook 'em!).  A time to give thanks for all the blessings in your life. Thanksgiving is rapidly becoming my favorite holiday.  It's got all the good stuff of Christmas without all the hassles.  Maybe I'm getting old and cynical - OK I am.  But regardless of that, I'm still becoming more appreciative of time with family. Especially watching Lauren grow up, getting to play with her grandparents.  Her two year old birthday is approaching, and she's really becoming a little girl right before my eyes....amazing.

We spent some time at my folks....

Nana, Lauren and Pops


Lauren's little Indian outfit was so cute.

We spent some time with Jacqui's folks.....

Go ahead - CHOW DOWN!
(Jacqui's gonna kill me when she sees this)

Lauren and 'Mimi' are happy

Mommy is happy too!!

And we spent some time in Louisiana with Lauren's Great-Grandparents....

Lauren is still practicing her 'smile for the camera'....sometimes she tries too hard.

Aunt Julie and Mimi enjoy the Holiday.


Lauren shows-off for her Great-Grandma.


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