July party ...with Kids

It wasn't too long ago that Jacqui and I had quite the party lifestyle. We were fortunate to have such a fun group of friends to hang out with. Of course, time marches on - friends move away - or have kids (or both). One of my best friends that I've known since high school recently came to town to visit.....ok.....it was a couple months ago - but I'm trying to catch up on my posting...and these were first in line. So enjoy a party afternoon with Me, Jacqui, Wes, Brenda, Scott, Diane, Daryl, Denise...and all the kids.

Brenda says HELLO!
...while Diane keeps an eye on the kids.


Ryan tests the swing before jumping on. 

Scott joins the girls...for a cold one on the porch.

Wes prepares to be 'swing master'....



He can keep three kids going at the same time!
Wes has always had a ....special talent like that.


...and Daryl says HOWDY too!


Lauren and I enjoy a beer together.


Wow! ...a new record for the swing master - FIVE Kids!


Brenda can only handle one kid.....   

...without spilling any beer.


Weeeeee - that was fun!


"The Kids table".......where's Wes?

Wes before...

...and then after a few beers.

HEY - I look forward to partying with y'all again soon!

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