To start - I've captured the opening song 'The Grudge'. I figure I'll post stuff from each I find time (patience grasshopper). And remember, if you haven't purchased ALL of TOOL's CD's - make that your mission for the day.


It all started here...with a building, low hummm...


...and then the opening notes of 'The Grudge'.


"Wear the grudge like a crown of negativity.
Calculate what we will or will not tolerate.
Desperate to control all and everything.
Unable to forgive your scarlet lettermen





"Clutch it like a cornerstone. Otherwise it all comes down.
Justify denials and grip 'em to the lonesome end.
Clutch it like a cornerstone. Otherwise it all comes down.
Terrified of being wrong. Ultimatum prison cell


"Saturn comes back around. Lifts you up like a child or
Drags you down like a stone
To consume you till you choose to let this go.



"Give away the stone.
Let the oceans take and transmutate this cold and fated anchor.
Give away the stone.
Let the waters kiss and transmutate these leaden grudges into gold.
Let go!!

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