I had the GREAT HONOR of attending the October 28, 2001 TOOL concert at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. If you've never seen TOOL live - you are missing perhaps the best band ever. It was an AWESOME show!

Despite heavy security - I managed to sneak in my video camera, and I've made a separate page for each song TOOL played that night. Each page below contains images and audio from some of the more intense concert moments ...of which there were plenty. :-)

Here's everything I've posted so far:
* the Houston set-list *

1. The Grudge

2. Stinkfist

3. Undertow

4. Parabol

5. Parabola

6. Pushit

7. Schism

8. Disposition

9. Reflection

10. Triad

11. The Patient

12. Opiate

13. Lateralus

[UPDATE] I also had the great honor of attending the 7-26-02 show in Austin, and the 7-27-02 show in Houston. Images/audio from those shows can be found HERE.

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