The third song that TOOL played Sunday night was 'Undertow'. I was so excited at this point in the concert - bouncing up and down to the music. Of course, that doesn't make for good video....but I didn't care. I was watching TOOL - live - and I was happy.

" It's twice as clear as heaven,
and twice as loud as reason.
It's deep and rich like silt on a riverbed
and just as undisturbing. "


" shut up! shut up!
You're saturating me.
So how could I let this bring me
back to my knees "


" Under for the third time.
I've been baptized by your voice.
it screams from deep beneath the endless water.
and it's half as high as heaven
and half as clear as reason. "


" It's cold and and black like silt on the riverbed."


" But I'm so comfortable.
Far too comfortable.
Why don't you kill me,
I'm weak and numb and insignificant,
and I'm back on my knees."



"lost in euphoria.
I'm back down. I'm in the undertow."


"I'm helpless and awake in the undertow."



"I'll die within your undertow."


" It seems there's no other way out of this undertow.
Euuuuuuphoooooooriiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaa. "


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