April 2000

04/24/00 7:26pm
OK - the screenshots and commentary from the April Gib-O-Rama are HERE.

04/24/00 5:18pm
I've been neglecting this site again.   Twenty days between updates - sad.  A lot of my on-line energy has gone into the Gib-O-Rama websiteA few of you may not know - I'm webmaster over there.   ...and I'm still trying to be an average Quake player...so there's a few hours a week down the tubes.  ...sigh.....    HELLO!   What do you want to hear?   I'm going to use this site as an on-line photo album as just about everyone seems to be doing these days.  But,  I'd like it to be something more.  I feel like I've got some un-taped creative energy somewhere screaming to get out.  I've looked at MacroMedia Flash.  It's a web page authoring tool that can create some really stunning sites - like here and here and here.   After seeing some of those - it's inspiring.  ...if I can ever find the time.

Jacqui and I are going to Frankfurt, Germany soon.  Another pseudo Business/Pleasure trip.  ...actually sometimes it feels like more of a hassle than it's worth....ya ya Germany - big castles, old cities, dark warm beer.  Work has been busy lately so I've had less time to goof-off.

Oh - almost forgot - I haven't even posted (or looked at) the screenshots I took from the Tax Day Gib-O-Rama....guess that's what I'll try and do later - and play with some Flash programming if I get really motivated.

04/04/00 1247pm
This past Saturday, on April fools day (how appropriate) Jacqui, Julie, Micci, Ken and I ran a 5K (3.1 mile) race through the Upper Kirby district of Houston.  It was actually a lot of fun!  The race started at 8:00am and it looked like we were going to get rained on - but the weather cooperated and we stayed dry.  After the race they had an outside area with a band - and free food and BEER.  I was kinda surprised to see that actually, providing a keg after the race - but evidently some runners swear by it (sure, why not?).  Ken finished in about 23 minutes, I came in at about 29 minutes, Jacqui in 32, Julie in 34 and Micci in about 40 minutes.  Actually, Micci was sick that day - so she did especially well all things considered.  Congratulations everyone - we all made it without walking! 

5k01.jpg (90319 bytes)


5k02.jpg (76342 bytes)


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