December 1999

12/21/99 10:58am

I figured a quickie web update was in order.  Merry X-mas Everyone!! Only a few more days 'till Santa comes.  I hope you all have been good boys and girls.  I know I have, yes sir.  I have a reliable source who informed me I may be seeing a Quake3 box under the tree...and maybe...just maybe....a scanner.  If so - I'll have to get a bigger host for my site cause I'm gonna have tons of pictures here! 

I want to keep this short - so I'll just give you a quick rundown of what's planned.  Jacqui and I are staying in Houston for X-mas, then going to Louisiana for New Years.  Then we're going to make up the missed trip to Paris - then we are going to go to Cancun with Julie and Ken (and maybe Bradford and Julie2).  As you can see - January should be a very busy month.   Add to that all the Holiday rush - plus we're STILL trying to get our Kitchen remodeling done.....Phew - makes me tired just thinking about it.

OK - won't bore ya anymore.   Thanks for stopping by!

12/16/99 11:58am

Well, the Paris trip fell through at the last minute.  Our flight was cancelled and every other flight was over-booked.   Oh well, no biggie.  I'll just have to re-schedule for sometime in January.

12/13/99 1:53pm

It's official - Jacqui and I are going to Paris, France!  We will be leaving Wednesday (the day after tomorrow) and returning Monday.  Neither Jacqui or I have even been to Europe before, so we are very excited about this trip.  If all goes as planned - we will be traveling First Class round trip.  Otherwise - getting stuck in coach for a nine hour flight is NOT something I'm looking forward to.  Of course, we will take lots of pictures while we're there - and post them - so make sure you come back here to see the sights of Paris as documented by a couple drunk tourists.

This past weekend was fun - I had a very busy Saturday.  First, I met some co-workers for a little touch football game Saturday morning.  It was a lot of fun - the field was muddy and I slipped and fell a LOT.  After that Jacqui and I went to Scott and Dianne Hutto's to celebrate Christina and Natasha's 3rd birthday.  Scott and Dianne just adopted Christina and Natasha - from Russia.  Yep - they flew to Russia with about $20,000 in CASH and purchased themselves a couple babies.   Hehehe...well - it wasn't quite that simple (everything was legal and there was a TON of paperwork).  Anyway, after the kids birthday party, Jacqui and I met up with Micci, Mark, Roger, Rima and all those folks to celebrate PJ's Birthday.  We all went bowling - it was a BLAST!  After bowling we all went to Gallant Knight and met up with Julie and Ken - where we danced the night away. 

The next day I was SO SORE.  I think it was more due to the constant falling down while playing football than anything else.  We went shopping for X-mas gifts Sunday and I was so sore I could hardly get in and out of my car!

Sunday night I had a Tejaz OGL CTF match.  We won!  Go check out the Quake Stuff page for screenshots from the match.

12/06/99 11:19am

I've got LOTS of pictures to post if this page is taking forever to load - GET A CABLE MODEM!  OK - first things first - here are some pics from Halloween 1999 (only took me about a month to post them....hehehe)

Hallow3.jpg (280526 bytes)
Me and Jacqui trying to look scary.  You gotta like those stockings!!

Hallow1.jpg (313232 bytes)
Me Julie, Jacqui and Bradford.  Notice Bradford's red sash - still intact at the moment.

Hallow2.jpg (205821 bytes)
Bradford picking up what was left of his sash after the car ate it.
Go to bottom of November99 news to read the details - it's funny!

Hallow4.jpg (382365 bytes)
See - Julie thought it was pretty damn funny too!

Hallow5.jpg (445543 bytes)
This is how I greet the little Trick-or-Treaters.  I love to scare the kiddies.

So there ya go - Halloween 1999.  Next year we will be hosting a Halloween/costume party at our house the Saturday night before Halloween (mark your calendars NOW).  If past years are any indication, there should plenty of very interesting pics to post.  

This past Saturday, December 4, we had a party at our house for all those people (like me) with birthdays in December.  It was FUN FUN FUN and I've got the pics to prove it!  Thanks to BigRob for bringing his digi-cam.

bdaysign.jpg (66512 bytes)
The "You Get Screwed on Your Birthday, Party" official banner.

grouptequilashot.jpg (56544 bytes)
It just wouldn't be a party without some TEQUILA SHOTS!

groupdance7.jpg (48239 bytes)
Tequila sometimes leads to some pretty fancy dance moves!

food2.jpg (63346 bytes)
We had more food than we knew what to do with.

mickeypassingouttequila.jpg (56871 bytes)
Micci was CRAZY with Tequila - getting Mark to take another shot.

skandfriend.jpg (56253 bytes)
I can be quite charming after a few beers.

jacsismoniswing.jpg (46454 bytes)
Nice, Nice, Nice!!   Jacqui, Julie and Monica enjoy the porch swing.

bradglowing.jpg (44237 bytes)
Gosh, I'm so BRIGHT!

couchfriends.jpg (37427 bytes)
Lucky Dude!  Getting some snuggling from Karen and Micci.

durkandfriends.jpg (56064 bytes)
Dirk cooked up some seriously YUMMY food.

coupledance1.jpg (40654 bytes)
Micci has snagged herself a MAN!!

gropudance4.jpg (47257 bytes)
It was hard to tell who was dancing with who - but nobody seems to mind.

gROUPDANCE.jpg (48918 bytes)
Yep - I even made it on the dance floor (a sure sign there was a lot of alcohol consumed).

groupdance1.jpg (48080 bytes)
Julie and Ken boogie down.  Smile Julie!

groupdining2.jpg (63379 bytes)
Discussing some deep political issues I'm sure.

sunkingandbigrob.jpg (48321 bytes)
Me and BigRob.   By this point we were floating about one foot off the floor - can you tell?

social4.jpg (74871 bytes)
Blow out those candles so we can eat the sweets!

food1.jpg (69339 bytes)

skandmickeydance.jpg (46593 bytes)
No comment

groupdance2.jpg (45560 bytes)
Awww that's the way - uh huh, uh huh - I like it - uh huh, uh huh!

groupdance3.jpg (50152 bytes)
Where are all the guys?

skdance2.jpg (45040 bytes)
With enough Tequila - I begin to think I can dance.

happybirthday1.jpg (67589 bytes)

happybirthday2.jpg (65008 bytes)
A toast to all the Birthday people!

jacandrob.jpg (47891 bytes)
Jacqui and BigRob smile big for the camera.

jacsispiano.jpg (47344 bytes)
Julie entertains....while I'm not sure what the guys are looking at.

outside2.jpg (46867 bytes)
Jacqui and Vickie and a few friends enjoy some fresh air.

jacandsisswing.jpg (46247 bytes)
Jacqui and Julie - or is that Julie and Jacqui?

12/02/99 11:21am

I'm trying to organize the layout of the News Archive section.  I know it ain't real pretty right now - but it works and that's what counts.  

While I'm here - might as well post some miscellanious news for ya.  First, the kitchen remodeling project is almost complete.  I'm very happy with the way things have turned out.  It's a HUGE pain in the ass to go through - but now that I see the results I feel it's been worth it.   As soon as I can get my hands on a scanner - I'll post some "before and after" pics.  Speaking of pictures - I got my Halloween pictures back....heheheh....we look silly.  Again, once I get 'em scanned - I'll post for all to see.

Jacqui and I may be going to Europe in a couple weeks.  I'm going to the UK and Paris for business - and she may be able to tag along.  It would be a great opportunity for us to see some of Europe on someone elses dollar.  I'm working out the details right now - so when I know more I'll be sure to post it here.

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